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this one’s for you…a glimpse of the morning garden

and especially for Judy.  faith, family, and persistence are her constant companions-plus a needle, thread, and some cloth.

it rained!!  and one of my favorite things is to walk around the garden the morning after. here is only some of what i saw…

also gone as well are the natural dyed fabrics i loaded into the shop yesterday- many thanks! the last payment on my little health interruption last Dec. will be paid off! took the whole year but DONE!! where would i be without you?

the shop will stay open for ribbon buyers only through Wednesday.

plus the squirrelleys say hello!



a moon memory…

On this day forty seven years ago I was 11 years old and living in Yokohama, Japan.  Our family had earned the privilege  of a home leave visit back to the US after having been there since 1965 and my dad having signed up for another stay in Japan.

It was the day my obsession with the moon began.

I had been dropped off to visit at the house of one of my best friends (prior to leaving WA) in Gig Harbor WA.  Her mom put on the TV to watch the moon landing which for us -in and of itself something of a novelty since we didn’t watch TV in Japan.

In the closet was her very pregnant cat having a whole box full of kittens.  We ran back and forth from the closet to the TV reporting with screams of delight, “There’s ANOTHER kitten!!” Running back to the closet, we named each kitten after the moon mission.  We started out with Neil, Apollo, Moon, Lunar, Armstrong, Rocket and others.  We started to run out of names!  There ended up being 9 kittens in all.  Such an exciting day.

It stayed with me all my life. Cats and moons.  We can all relate to both in some way. Last night was another full moon. I hope you looked up, just for a moment.  If not, don’t worry- it will still be there tonight.

arashi (stormy) memory on silk

recently, i connected with my childhood

-via a handful of wild huckleberries while walking in the woods. who knew that sweet tangy
taste could evoke such emotions? strip me right down to the core, like the berries stripped from the branches.

i was happy to share some with a little boy named sol who was busy wondering and making his own memories…
driving home, this hidden beach along the coast made me promise to return…

trance-like waves sounding in the background, calming and calling to me


and as i sit here writing this, i am still processing a variety of things. how we make memories. how memories continue and are passed on. and how i am going to process that next piece of silk-impressing upon it, a memory.

stormy memory on silk

over at the subscription video page today we looked at making 2% stock dye solutions and reviving an indigo vat. you can still join this month’s subscriptions here.

i broke down and paid $30 to have the blog be ad free-so no more ads-yay! i accessed it the other day on someone else’ computer and wasn’t liking what i saw. it just feels better this way until i create another solution.