landmarks and roadmaps

It seems as though my ability to clearly recognize the usual landmarks marking the way has greatly diminished and, in some cases, completely disappeared. It’s OK to be a bit lost at times, and especially so right now (in America). It moves us in different directions, and asks us to consider more. More of what we wonder? More possibilities, more directions, more ideas. This is the kind of MORE that I appreciate. MORE can be more, and MORE can be less! I’m considering this (more and more).

As I travel down this increasingly altered road, abandoning the usual familiar roadmaps, thoughts of how and what if are my constant companions. I reach out to cherished and long time friends (how are you?), checking in with them to assure myself they are OK and are still there- realizing that perhaps PEOPLE are my new landmarks. This feels reasonable, if not truer, than some things I considered as landmarks previously. How are you?

Navigating the daily milieu these days takes a lot of energy. Remaining creative in the midst is a challenge. I find I must focus on balance of body, mind, and soul. Here, in my small world I seek the lessons of the garden, nature and handwork. The garden is feeding us well this summer and a steady stream of seedlings feeds the raised beds as plants are rotated through. The worm bin is very alive and well- I am experimenting with compost worm tubes in a couple of the raised beds- so far so good. Just trying to keep the soil alive and healthy. We have a bunch of praying mantis right now and I’m hoping they mate and make some more egg cases for us.

Silk shibori ribbon will be back in the shop soon! After at least a 6 month hiatus, I am making ribbon again. The silk satin I had been using became unavailable and I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting and considering other silks in various momme weights and weaves. I finally have settled on one that meets my qualifications. Pictures later this week.
I am leading a free zoom workshop just for the regular shibori students from the Japanese American National Museum. It’s a group effort in many ways. It’s great to stay connected to them all while we can’t meet in person. The cool thing is that they all have made their own indigo vats at home! So over this 9 week course, they get to maintain their vat and really get to learn how it works over time. Several have even started fermentation vats! We have weekly zoom check-ins to see how the vats are doing, discuss and share the weekly techniques and patterns everyone is working on. It’s great that we can meet up this way and make sure everyone is ok. We are using Jane Callender’s book as a reference and inspiration. It really is the best one out there on stitched shibori.

It’s really been hot here-too hot. We have resorted to AC set at 78˚ when in the 90’s now and grateful to have it. Evenings are tolerable but still in the upper 70’s which is hotter than normal for us along the coast. Fires are ravaging the state, brought on by unusual weather and more than 300 lightning strikes. Over 500 fires are currently burning in CA. Such a devastating and environmental tragedy for so many. Currently the Santa Cruz area is suffering greatly along with Big Basin and Big Sur parks. California fires.

I will be updating the shop next week with more indigo (hopefully with some ribbon too-depending on the heat!). I will have packages of indigo cloth in various shades as well as some finished wall pieces. Indigo moons are ongoing as well as the cloth mooncards. I’ll also recommend the new USPS stamp celebrating the work of Ruth Asawa. The stamps are truly beautiful.

Considering new landmarks, tossing aside familiar roadmaps, we embark on new journeys together. May we choose Peace, Love, Health and Sanity when we come to a fork in the road. Together, we must.

12 thoughts on “landmarks and roadmaps

  1. Lisa Hoesing

    Thanks for the post.  It is wonderful.  I tell you, I am jealous of the people in your class, the images of your sewing are intense.  I cherish the Shibori I did with you.This is a hard time here in Santa Cruz.  Every group  starts with, “Are you ok?  Are you evacuated?, Need help?”At least, people are kind.My ribbon group, which uses your wonderful ribbons will be glad to see you begin again.Stay safe,Lisa

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  2. Toni Belonogoff

    It’s so reassuring to grow your own food in times like this. The smoke from surrounding fires has drifted to San Francisco and the skies are gray. Although I’m only 5 blocks from the beach, the air here is smokey in the morning but clears mid-afternoon. This horrible condition has a bright side, however: spectacular sunsets. Everyone I know is safe and well despite it all. And I’m grateful for the company of my two cats, Sushi and Miso. Toni

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  3. atelierboldcreations

    We are ok ,thank you for asking 🙏🏻💙💗 You are having fun , your garden is lovely … I ate cherry tomatoes while hosing the shrubs and trees ( red flag warning until Monday night here ) thank goodness for our creativity, blessed and thankful ! Santa Cruz Fire is still on . East bay burned almost 400 thousand acres since Monday 😢

    We haven’t been told to evacuated , & I want it to stay that way . 🙏🏻😊💙 It’s been a heart tugging time for our people here , dear friend indigoCraig, had to evacuate his home middle of the night Tuesday , no news yet reg his property & indigo crop … as N. Calif fire is still going . thank god not too many deaths due to the fires .

    Thank you for asking .

    Renewal & detachment and restoration time , daily … I watered my indigo babies and said to them Blue Power is healing power .

    I picked some leaves to do pounding with , next door neighbors fled to Switzerland the other day for fresh air and other neighbors left because of the fire . I’m staying and playing with my true blue .

    Thank you for the email ,

    I choose To be peaceful , grounded & immersed in nature’s & Life’s beauty !

    💙💙💙🙏🏻🌹 Sent from my iPhone


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    1. shiborigirl Post author

      Glad to hear you are there. I’m watching the weather from here and hoping for a calming if the fire threat. Nature will renew and restore in time, but not without loss. Stay safe and prepared out there!



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