Pocket Squares

My Silk Shibori Pocket Squares are currently available for purchase in my BigCartel shop at $24.95 each.

What is a pocket square you may ask? It’s a square of fabric used as a decorative accent in a suit pocket. Simple enough!

So with that in mind, I decided to re-invent the pocket square in typical Shibori Girl Style

Pocket Square

Available on Etsy in a wide variety of colors-both solid shades and two-tones. Looking for something specific, or a color not seen in these pages? Let me know, and I’ll be delighted to custom design an item for you! Can’t decide on a color? Most men order several- I’m always happy to make suggestions based on your wardrobe.

Ladies have always know (by virtue of advice oft passed down by great aunts and other wise mature female relatives) that as handkerchiefs go, one should always have “one for showin’ and one for blowin”.

It goes for gentlemen as well.
My silk shibori pocket squares are definitely the “showin’ ” type. Or as I like to put it- “show -n- share”.
If you are a “full windsor” kinda guy (or even the “half windsor” type) you probably know the virtues of wearing a smashing pocket square. If not, I offer these as starters:

Perhaps the most important one- women love them! Why? It indicates that you are interested in standing out and care about your appearance. Also, most women LOVE textiles. I have been told by customers that the women can’t keep their hands off my silk shibori pocket squares. They are intriguing. They are fun to play with. I dare you to hold one in your hand and NOT be mesmerized by the colorful play of pattern and texture as you open and release the pleated silk. The sheer feel of the heavy silk charmeuse is luxurious.

Another virtue of wearing one of my Silk Shibori Pocket Squares is that no two are ever alike! It’s an acknowledgement and appreciation for things still hand made and one of a kind. In this world of mass production, fast tracking, mega malls, and super stores there still is room for some things to remain small and slow. Remember that, each time you tuck one of my shibori pocket square into your suit.

Wearing your Silk Shibori Pocket Square is easy! Just open it out, fold it in half and tuck the edges into your suit pocket-adjusting the sculptural shape of the pleated silk to your liking. Each time you wear it will be slightly different! Care for your silk shibori pocket square by storing loosely. Dry cleanable if necessary. Protect from moisture. Steam ironing on a silk setting will remove the pleating leaving only the lovely shibori pattern.

Looking for something even MORE ? Check back soon for my latest addition to men’s fashion- the Silk Shibori Ascot!

Perhaps you would enjoy this site? Scroll down to test your “dandy” knowledge!

5 thoughts on “Pocket Squares

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  3. Reginald Stewart

    I love these pocket squares! Ever since I learned of them I have had to have some! I will definitely be ordering more in the future, including scarf or two for my mother. I am certainly interested in the shibori ascot. Sign me up right now!



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