Here are some of the basic styles of scarves I am currently making. I also do experimental pieces which are offered to customers as they are available. Go to the Buy Shibori link at the top to see where you can find my work. Please direct any special requests to the shops and galleries listed there.
If you are a store or gallery, contact me if you are interested in receiving a pick box.

Kantan means “simple” in Japanese and this is my latest version of this size scarf, measuring 11″ x 60″ 5mm habotai silk. Folded in half, accordion folded, pole wrapped (arashi (storm) shibori), discharged, overdyed, and steam set. This is a very textured, sculptural neck scarf. Wear it instead of a necklace!

22 assorted scarves arranged in a floral display-sugg. retail $79

in process

single kantan scarf shown full length (base dyed mustard and overdyed in rust brown and green)

Nice size for office or business wear.

Chouchou means butterfly in Japanese and this wrap always makes me feel light and airy when I wear it- as if I were wearing butterfly wings.


Made from lightweight (5mm) habotai silk, it measures 45″ x 72″ when fully extended. (The textural pleating reduces the size by at least a third but if you ironed/steamed out the pleating, those are the dimensions you would have.) Great for a little evening elegance, a cocktail party, or just to sizzle up a simple outfit for a special occasion.
Each Chou shawl is finished with beads hand sewn to each of the tips, gently weighing the billowing silk. Suggested retail is $179 and it is available in many colors.

Here are a couple other ways to wear the butterfly wrap-

chuo_redweb.jpg chuoweb1.jpg

Obi scarf- obi means sash and is traditionally used when wearing a kimono. Here are a few contemporary ways to wear this piece-

The Obi scarf measures 22″ x 90″ of 8mm habotai silk. This piece features the combined techniques of itajime and arashi shibori. Suggested to retail at $145.

This Kyoto wrap done in mint and chocolate using an altered fold in arashi technique measures 22″ x 72″ using 5mm silk habotai.


Amy models a green version of the straight pleated arashi shibori with beaded tips. Suggested retail, $120.

If you are able to catch me at a show near you, you’ll see a wide array of my most current and experimental pieces.

11 thoughts on “Styles

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    Two Sisters shop in the city of Orange carries just the magnetic pin back shibori floral broaches. They don’t have a website to link to but you can find them at:

    Two Sisters
    138 S Glassell St Orange, CA 92866
    714 – 289 – 0426

    Otherwise, Luna in Long Beach would the other location closest to you.


  2. ute

    hi Shibori girl,

    I am blown away with your work. a question: Have you ever worked with a shibori hook and what are the experience with it if so?



  3. Kim Wilkins

    Hi Shibori girl
    I love your work as well and love the silk. I’d like to learn more about making the flowers and leaves. Please send info about online classes.
    Thank you, Kim

    p.s. I read what you wrote about your mom and how it affected your own child rearing and found it heartwarming.


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