2022 Silk Study Tour to Japan

The 2019 Silk Study Tour was just wonder-filled. Great and joyous people, beauty filled, delicious, educational, uplifting and inspirational!  My complete and sincere thanks to everyone who came, enjoyed, learned, instructed, facilitated, accepted, and wondered.  I am ever in your debt for trusting us with your time and money, your heart and soul, and everything that went along with the tour.  I know we made lots of new lifetime friends and I look forward to seeing you again somewhere on this road called life.

The 2022 Silk Study Tour to Japan is in the planning stages.  If the stars align, we plan to go!  Please visit this link to see the details from the previous tour and sign up for information on the 2021 tour via Constant Contact (be sure to check the “2022 Silk Study Tour”) . Email me directly if you have any questions. Thank you!

For more images from past tours, check out this link.