Our wishes came true here- r a i n !

More expected tonight. We are way behind and grateful. So far no downpours here and we hope for the best in the burn areas.

Rain necessitated taking some photos indoors in poor lighting in order to list some things in the shop. Moons mainly. All indigo. Some moons on silk, some on cotton and all vintage cloth and collected in Japan. Several scarves, some with moons and others using various shibori techniques are also there. In she shop now, here.

In addition, over the turn of the new year, some lovely new silk shibori ribbon has arrived in Italy and in Russia.

There are new classes coming up as well. Two at the Japanese American National Museum (still open) and one at the Fresno Fiber Guild (sold out).
I did a little slideshow for each one –
-on Saturday and Sunday, February 3-4 from 11 AM to 4PM it’s Shibori Mandalas on Silk.
(sign up here)

-and then on March 24th and 25th it’s more of Indigo Shibori dyeing
(sign up here)

And one last thing, I will be sending out an email for the 2019 Silk Study Tour to Japan to interested parties who have indicated interest via the Constant Contact newsletter (signup here and in the right hand sidebar). I have been working on editing a group of photos into a slideshow from last year’s tour.  It’s hard to select 30 or so out of thousands! But the memories I had while sorting were wonderful!
Coming soon!





10 thoughts on “wishes

  1. Sharon Anderson

    I am placing an order with your Big Cartel account for a ribbon scrap bag to get me started. I wonder if the thread shown in your last image is available for purchase? I do embroidery within my applique projects and would love to work with them. Thank you for taking the time to read this Sharon Anderson


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    1. shiborigirl Post author

      coincidentally, i just finished dyeing a few 40 yard skeins of cotton DMC thread. I’m putting them in the shop now. If I get two orders from you I will combine before shipping. thanks!


  2. Mo Crow

    I love those rising moons so much, if you make more could you put one aside for me? oh and then if it was possible I would love a rising dark moon too… you are the queen of moon makers!

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  3. Michelle Lee

    Just want to check that the shibori workshop in March is actually on the 24th and 25th as it says on the JANM website and not the 4th and 5th as it says here in your post? I signed up already but wanted to double check the correct weekend. Thanks!

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