this one’s for you…a glimpse of the morning garden

and especially for Judy.  faith, family, and persistence are her constant companions-plus a needle, thread, and some cloth.

it rained!!  and one of my favorite things is to walk around the garden the morning after. here is only some of what i saw…

also gone as well are the natural dyed fabrics i loaded into the shop yesterday- many thanks! the last payment on my little health interruption last Dec. will be paid off! took the whole year but DONE!! where would i be without you?

the shop will stay open for ribbon buyers only through Wednesday.

plus the squirrelleys say hello!



5 thoughts on “this one’s for you…a glimpse of the morning garden

  1. KR Art To Wear

    Hello Shibori GirlI notice the black polyproplene poles in some of your photos. Can you tell me where I can get them in the US, by any chance?Thanks, love your blog. I’m really wanting to go on the Japan trip.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      for the PPP pipes you should look at local plumbing supply houses. since they are heavy, shipping is expensive. i had to special order them. there are many suppliers. as for the Japan trip- 2017 has been filled with a waiting list for some time. 2019 will be the next one!



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