carry on child…and wonder

I remember when I was 13 and this song came out.  I believed it. So did many others I’m guessing.  We lived in Japan and we heard it on Armed Forces Radio like all the top hits. The Vietnam War was ongoing and not to be ended for several more years. We got a lot of the war news in the daily Stars and Stripes.

I heard it again the other day and I still loved the emotion behind it. But it made me sad to hear it in our present time. In 1970 it made me feel happy and hopeful! At 13 I was not very aware of race, racism, or of the disparity life was dealing out to non-whites in the US. We were growing up in another country and when listening to the radio I often did not know (or wonder about) the race of the groups we heard until I stumbled on an album cover at the PX and when that happened it was exciting. I had my own reasons for wanting to believe the words of this song and it wasn’t until years later when we had returned to the US that it started occurring to me that this song was written about something I had no reason to understand based on my own experience at that time. Thankfully, that has changed. But maddeningly, for many, that day has still not come to pass.  We simply cannot continue down this path.  It is such a waste of our collective potential.
I was reading as I always do, jude’s blog, about saying what we are thinking. I tend to keep most of it to myself, at least here. But I am always thinking as I work and it becomes intertwined in everything I do and everything I make. It can’t NOT be that way.
So, this is what I was thinking about this morning as I prepared some silk for an upcoming workshop at the JANM. You can read more about the workshop in the previous post.
As for the silks, these are mostly collected from the last trip to Japan. Found in dark shop corners, as they are all leftover from unassembled kimono and were un-dyed which makes them perfectly suited for dyeing mandala but generally overlooked by other customers there.  Fabric kits this time include habutai, jacquards, chirimen, organza and some satin organza (new to me and difficult to work with -so far).

I actually had to go out and buy a backup sewing machine for this workshop-picked up a low end brother machine-something in case my regular machine takes a dive during the workshop and allows us to have two machines going.  In the past I just had the one and hoped for the best!  In Houston when I do this workshop we have rooms full of machines and everyone can sew their own.  This workshop requires a sewing machine.
Encouraged by jude’s blog post this morning, I dug out a video I made a month or so ago that I never used. It’s a few “loose thoughts” stitched together in video form. This one’s for you jude!

As for other goings on here, my shibori ribbon likes to travel the world and has been to so many more places than I have!  Recently to Russia, Italy, Poland, and the UK. So that continues.

The garden is producing tomatoes! Kind of crazy for January but I took a chance on equally crazy weather and voila-tomatoes! Also there are lettuces, swiss chard, carrots, onions, beets and broccoli for now. It’s also citrus time here still and whether I am sharing my own or enjoying the bounty from others we have our quota of vitamin C covered daily here. I hope you are as fortunate.

Ooh Child…

10 thoughts on “carry on child…and wonder

  1. Toni Belonogoff

    Glennis: The first part of your story reminded me of the U. S. military in Germany. I was staying with relatives in Schweinfurt, Germany, in the early 1960’s. There were two U S Army bases in the town. I discovered there was segregation of the races – not on the base – but in the town. The few bars were either for “whites” or for “colored”. If the owner of the white bar served a colored patron, he would lose all his white customers. I met a Filipino soldier who told me he could go to either bar. When will it ever change? Toni


  2. jude

    well this was just great. all of it. i keep thinking what’s going on with all this stuff. why are we still so polarized in so many ways? I just baffles me. Like you said, such a waste of useful energy.

    I loved the video. it really fills me with a sense of thought flowing. and that is how it is. how it just gushes forth. I love when that is caught, all unpolished and alive. Thank you for sharing it like that. I caught myself moving with you in that dance of expressiveness. . And now I feel I should bite the bullet and get my “self” into a video one of these days, and actually publish it. Face and all. Ha.

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  3. marthabilski

    I am happy to hear you speak out. It is my unsolicited belief that more people need too. I have been cautioned at family gatherings not to get “too political” for fear of stirring up people’s passions. When did it become unpopular to debate? I guess I will be that old woman who does not hold her tongue.

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