arashi (stormy) memory on silk

recently, i connected with my childhood

-via a handful of wild huckleberries while walking in the woods. who knew that sweet tangy
taste could evoke such emotions? strip me right down to the core, like the berries stripped from the branches.

i was happy to share some with a little boy named sol who was busy wondering and making his own memories…
driving home, this hidden beach along the coast made me promise to return…

trance-like waves sounding in the background, calming and calling to me


and as i sit here writing this, i am still processing a variety of things. how we make memories. how memories continue and are passed on. and how i am going to process that next piece of silk-impressing upon it, a memory.

stormy memory on silk

over at the subscription video page today we looked at making 2% stock dye solutions and reviving an indigo vat. you can still join this month’s subscriptions here.

i broke down and paid $30 to have the blog be ad free-so no more ads-yay! i accessed it the other day on someone else’ computer and wasn’t liking what i saw. it just feels better this way until i create another solution.

10 thoughts on “arashi (stormy) memory on silk

  1. whereishenow

    i grew up picking lowbush cranberries and also lowbush blueberries in Alaska….oooohh, i bet picking some now and then eating them would be an explosion of memories…

    what a nice post!!!!


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      i have kept this memory of eating wild huckleberries for over 40 years-it was such a delightful surprise to stumble upon them in big basin national park near santa cruz. it kinda freaked the others out though when i stripped some off the stems and popped them in my mouth. i had to assure them i wasn’t going to keel over and die! we urbanists have become so very out of touch with plant life our natural environment.
      i hope you get to taste the memories of the berries from your childhood!


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      haven’t seen one on yours-yet. are you on wordpress? dar reported to me some time back she had seen an ad. i see them all the time when i access my blog without signing in from my phone. it seems to be increasing insidiously.
      at this point, i’ll gladly pay $29.95 to not become an aggregate for ads to joann fabrics, micheals, etc.
      this on top of news today that google instant can now read my mind (of course it is “helping me”)!
      uh oh…back to the studio for me…


  2. Kelly Lenihan

    If you self-host your blog on a server of your choice using the platform, there are no ads and you use your own domain name. Plus you have access to thousands of plugins. You only have to pay a monthly hosting fee (GoDaddy is about $5/month).

    When you host your blog on the server, it includes “wordpress” in your domain name and there is less functionality available.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      yeah, i know- just don’t seem to have the time, energy and $ to move everything around- though i’d like to! already have a hosted site. maybe i will get to it someday…thanks! i see you offer services…



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