some times simple is best

just wanted to show off Kate’s bead on some silk shibori ribbon hanging simply on some shibori ribbon. At one time Kate did shibori but now mostly makes jewelry and keeps a blog coincidentally named Shibori Girl! Here’s a link to one of her beads in her etsy shop

i frayed the edges a bit.
you can easily alter the length of the ribbon and get fancy by adding some hardware. silk just feels good on your neck all by it self though.
color- #6 purple passion borealis

7 thoughts on “some times simple is best

  1. Isabel

    Here via your twin “Shibori girl” to admire your beautiful work.
    I have recently spent a week at art camp in New Hampshire and met a textile artist that also does wonders with Shibori-Sara Goodman. You should look her up if you never checked out her work.




  2. Linda Phillips

    I really LOVE this necklace. It’s simply beautiful! How do I fray the edges to make it look like that? And, do you have that color blend? It’s perfect for my 50th high school reunion this summer.



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