new work and nightmares…

i had a dream…

i’m at houston and starting my indigo workshop only to realize i had forgotten the indigo. i woke up and realized that it had only been a dream (thankfully!!).  i fell back asleep and had another dream. this time i opened up my freezer and found it full of water (i should mention that this is where i store the indigo). i just got up and made coffee at that point.

this is how i get before a show.  a little crazy.

the other day i spent some time cleaning cocoons for the mawata class.  i am pre-cleaning them for the class (removing the pupae)-seems the practical thing to do considering the class is full and the time restrictions. we will demonstrate the process but will concentrate on making the mawata and even spinning a bit of silk yarn and needle felting some.  made a few mawata too-practicing.

not bad.

i was a little bummed out last week when i had to cut my Quilt  Festival booth back from the full booth i had ordered to a half booth due to finances-but we do what we have to and i’ll make it work.  so if you can’t find me at the booth printed in the directory-which i think was already printed, look for me in booth 1329, my new booth #. or, just look for silky shibori goodness and indigo.

that is all, over and out!

p.s. when you write a post in WP these days it shows you a list of recommended tags (which i rarely use as they don’t really pertain).  one of the recommended tags for this post is “post traumatic stress”. ha! just thought that was funny.  carry on.

12 thoughts on “new work and nightmares…

  1. Trische

    Suggested tag is funny only because your work is absolutely the opposite of PTSD! The indigo piece in particular puts me in a very meditative mood. So-o-o-o-o beautiful.


  2. Katrina Bohnet Walker

    I hear you, sister! Am in more-or-less the same pre-show panic/stress/frenzy. Only I am obviously a wimp because I am only teaching all week and not doing a booth, too! 🙂 We will celebrate the pre-show survival at Houston…


  3. deedeemallon

    I wonder if the dreams are still processing recent theft of your work…. (that would, to my mind, explain not having any indigo)…. but the water in the freezer feels like it’s about something else. I love dreams. Mine and others. Have a good sale season. Your work is so beautiful! I’ve still got a few indigo lessons to go online (started in July). But once I started dyeing, it was hard to stop. So, it snowed today. That’ll change the tempo!


    1. shiborigirl

      no, that is well behind me. there was just SO much to do to get ready this year and i’m always afraid of leaving behind something essential. i survived it- back now and everything went as well as one could imagine. just a worry-dreamer i guess. (the water in the freezer though…hmmm)

      indigo waits and and yes, snow does change things a bit. it was 92 here yesterday and the narcissus are already blooming in the front. guess we skipped fall, winter and went straight to spring with summer close on its heels. can’t depend on the seasons here lately- they’re confused!



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