where to go from here…


every day I wonder.
yesterday I wondered how the vat was doing-since I had not dyed anything for 3 days while I entertained and cooked for a crowd of graduates and other guests. a party.


it was doing just fine. I think I missed it more than it missed me.

The Long Beach Quilt Festival is next week. It will be the last one held here. They are moving on to greener pastures it seems. I will be there-booth #1315 I think… also teaching a flower class with some needle felting of the Shibori ribbon.

I am wondering how much longer the shows can remain a financially viable vehicle for me to get my work out there.

The new show they are replacing it with will be in Portland and of course require travel expenses in addition. But no paid teaching opportunities to help offset the cost. Only quick unpaid seminars/ demos on the show floor. Doubt I can justify that. Will have to think on that one.




11 thoughts on “where to go from here…

  1. frisbee507

    I am looking forward to setting up an Indigo vat once my dad cleans out his garage in Oregon. I need to find alternatives to hydrosulfite as I don’t want to deal with that nasty smell anymore. Or course I plan to do some regular Purple/Black coal tar vats too. I need to dig out my old recipes and remember to late nature take over the discharge part. Oh, if I could only tap into Shibori girl’s mind and she what she is wondering about at the moment. Miss you Chica!


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      damn! and i never did stop by Fresno before you left. maybe OR one day then. do let nature take over. start a fermentation vat. really, i think you’ll like it.


  2. Jan

    Hi, I would imagine you would like the ACC show here next Wkend in SF in fort Mason for selling……………its always a great show with tons of beautiful art to wear, little classes and other crafts.

    Jan Buck


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      I might just check that one out since the LB show will no longer conflict. thanks for the reminder. have you done it? I always need to speak with someone who has actually done it a time or two. I have done a show at Ft Mason before. decent location. good customers. for a $1000 booth at an out of town show, one really needs to have at least $10,000 in sales.


  3. Victoria Lane

    Most gorgeous colors ever on the two flowers. love the purple edge with green-my two favorite colors. My egg show in Dallas is in June and at the moment, I have no time to play with my shibori but will start as soon as I get back from Dallas. Oh, what beautiful things will I make with these ribbons. All of it is brand new to me and I am very excited about all the possibilities.



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