Shibori Girl at Houston Quilt Festival

First, I want to say thank you to all of you who visited me at my booth in Houston. It was such fun to meet those of you who have come to know my work through the blog and flickr as well as seeing and catching up with old friends. What fun we had! And those of you who came and purchased the remaining porcelains and discovered silk shibori- it’s a whole new world of creativity! Yes, I know you’re sad to see them go but as Willie says at the end of Festival, all good things come to a close.

I enjoyed teaching the silk flower making (using my unique silk satin shibori ribbon) both in the booth and at the “make & take” area in the exhibit hall. I snapped a quick photo of some of the finished flowers and will get that added to the post just as soon as I can (I’m still on the road as I write this). Don’t forget the class starting on the 14th where you will learn to make 3 different flowers in two sessions. I’ll be setting up a flickr group for us if you would like to post your flowers as you make them.

For those of you who ordered the new Shibori DVD, the release date is Nov.26 so expect it to ship shortly thereafter. And those of you who wanted Karren Brito’s book, go to her site, Entwinements and order it directly from her.

Walking the Houston Quilt Festival is not for the faint of heart as there are so many things to see-both in the booths and the ever amazing quilt exhibit. Not much shibori in the exhibited quilts though…made me want to make something to enter! I saw an entry from Tricia McKellar (note99) as well as so many beautiful quilts with intriguing techniques and designs. Very inspiring! I didn’t take many photos which surprised even me- just wasn’t time for it and my camera was under the table most of the time. The ones I did take were pretty crummy to boot. I really was focusing on being in the moment and photos were just not “in the picture”. But here’s something that caught my eye-apologies to Cynthia for the poor photo-but you get the idea…..

Some things I saw and really liked: Laurastar Ironing system! OMG- has anyone tried this thing? VERY expensive but an absolute dream to work with. Now to figure out how to justify the cost! PhotoEZ emulsion sheets. The kids have already have used some of them for their band tshirts and they worked great! Perfect for small runs at home-just what they needed! The Silk Experience! I will be teaching here next year and the Maggie from Silk Things was ever so kind. My friends Dawn and Jennifer whose ribbons and trims (Dawn has the deals and Jennifer has the most beautiful and unique trims you can find) were right across from me. You can only find their treasures once a year at Houston!

So much more to tell but it will have to wait……’til I get back, unpacked, and caught up!

3 thoughts on “Shibori Girl at Houston Quilt Festival

  1. snoskred

    Yes, I have the Laura Star and I love it. I could not live without it.

    It is easy to justify the cost when you look at how much time you spend ironing, and for someone like yourself the fabrics you use will really benefit from it. Maybe one of the dealers has an interest free option?

    LauraStar Dealers

    I was mesmerized by your header graphic, just so you know. Anything sparkly like that and I just can’t stop looking at it. 😉



  2. hrsj

    ooh glennis the colors in your work above are so wonderful!
    I want to let you know my parents gave me one of your scarves recently; it’s stunning & I love wearing it! It has purples and blues and has blue glass beads on the ends. I was so excited to open it!



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