What if progress means something else?

Recently, I have been doing some reading and becoming familiar with the terms anthropocene and holocene eras as discussed in the recent issue of the Hedgehog Review. The current Summer issue, entitled Sustain-Ability poses such questions.

These are the sorts of things that I wonder about while I am working. The concept of thriving between scarcity and abundance. Of what sustainability means in these modern times.

These are seeds (ideas) that grow. And ideas plus action on those ideas make for change and growth. Like with seeds, the addition of water and nutrients yields a harvest.   Understanding history is essential, trajectory can be planned and altered I think.

But I need to get to the seed (heart, center, beginning).  Perhaps it’s a day for mandalas.

Yes, I think so.

novice mandala on silk organza


7 thoughts on “What if progress means something else?

  1. indiana

    have to admit that all the things i do/practice have their roots somewheres in his/herstory. makes me feel like i do belong in the scheme of things.
    and that’s a lovely mandala


  2. janstevenson

    your words “Understanding history is essential, trajectory can be planned and altered I think.” I think of this in terms of regulating our own creative energy. because sometimes creation runs out of control. . .and when we learn to be aware of how we use our personal energy, whether we have created just enough, or perhaps a bit too much. . .then we can also understand the wisdom of fallow times.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      so easy for that to happen! and for me it is essential to let that happen on a fairly frequent basis. it’s akin to adding compost to the soil. it is from those pure creative energy phases that i can collect the seeds which are planted for future harvests. quiet fallow times too are necessary to put it all in order and let it make sense. direction can then be chosen.



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