Fabric manipulation

Colette Wolff’s book, “The Art of Manipulating Fabric” arrived just in time to keep me company while I get over the flu. It is full of all kinds of ideas for creating texture and dimensional surfaces with fabric. I’ve also been studying and practicing folding paper tessalations after viewing one of the flickr photo pools. I was led there by one of my flickr contacts whose work is fascinating. I am imagining how I will use these ideas in shibori.

Over the holiday I took a drive up the 101 (California Coast HWY) and stopped at a couple of the missions and saw the fiber related display above. The California Missions are definitely worth a trip up the coast. So far I’ve only visited 6 of the 21 Alta California Missions and plan to visit all of them. Photo below was taken at the Mission San Miguel de Archangel- it has a kind of surreal quality don’t you think?


Back to work tomorrow (I hope!).

5 thoughts on “Fabric manipulation

  1. Kellyt

    I love the Collette Wolf book. I used muslin and worked through many of her demonstrations. I glued or stapled into a notebook for future reference. I like the orderly approach of the book, it makes me think outside the box, and inspires me.


  2. Cassandra

    Collette Wolf’s book looks intriguing based on the cover design. I guess I could find it on Amazon. Yes? No? Some of the stitching looks familiar. Like the ori nui and other stitching used in the Kubota kimono.

    By the way, the Itchiku Kubota exhibition at the San Diego Museum of Art is a MUST! You will simply not believe your eyes! What an absolute feast for the senses, especially for anyone who has ever tied a knot or taken a stitch in cloth! I must visit Japan to see his museum at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The exhibit runs until January 4th, 2009 and is housed in two locations in Balboa Park. The San Diego Museum of Art is showcasing 34 kimono and the Timken Gallery next door has 6 kimono. Together they make up the “Symphony of Light” and part of the Universe and Oceans. One can never get enough of technique and creativity. BREATHTAKING AND AWE INSPIRING! … And then Some!


  3. Lisa Spencer

    Hi, I wonder if you have classes on how to make Shibori bubbles.

    I’ve seen a few scarves and am hoping to learn to make them myself.



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