“What makes a market work

, for instance, is the marriage of collective and individual intelligence.” Jaron Lanier

From his book, ” You are not a Gadget”. Part one- What is a Person?

I am reading this simultaneously with Dr. Junichi Saga’s “Memories of Silk and Straw”.

An interesting juxtaposition.

Listening to Steel Parade perform by the ocean, waves in the background.
We are indeed, fortunate.

Tomorrow, back to the dyepot.

6 thoughts on ““What makes a market work

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    from wordpress’ upgrade page:


    We occasionally serve ads on WordPress.com as a way to pay our bills, purchase this to ensure that we will never show any ads on this blog”

    i imagine that as more content is aggregated and search terms plus traffic is correlated, ads appear where they think they are likely to get hits.

    personally, i would use the word “sell” over “serve” here.



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