Half mast…

Some of the most meaningful pieces made by anyone using my indigo moons have been made by Mo. It’s been a heartbreaking week with the news from Australia that she lost her beloved Old Man Crow to cancer and the vast beyond. She has supported so many over the years with her beautiful and heartfelt stitchings. Her stitches and his song have made for a beautiful pairing over many decades. If you follow her blog-well, you just know. So much love pours out of it. So many have joined in heartfelt messages, entertaining remembrances, and shared sorrows over there. There is a circle of friends that although we’ve never met in person, we have connected ourselves together in many ways. For those who might say that the internet doesn’t foster real and true friendships…I don’t agree. There are many of us who have been blogging and corresponding here for over a decade, yet never have met in person. One day…we may!
But if we don’t, I still dearly treasure this circle of friends-and there are many.

Nothing more to say really. It’s enough. My moon flag flies at half mast…for Mo and her Old Man Crow.

18 thoughts on “Half mast…

  1. Tina

    Everything you just said about the circle of friendships found here .. I am one of those lucky ones that belongs. The love and support .. more than anything the sharing of knowledge. It was Mo that just recently guided me to your monthly moons .. that I’m totally excited about. When that first moon arrives I’ll be stitching every stitch in memory of the love shared between Mo and Rod.

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  2. Nancy

    Glennis what a beautiful honoring to this beautiful story of us, of them, of the circle. Yes, while we may never meet in the flesh, we are friends in the heart and that means so much. xo

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  3. Eliene

    Yes, she is indeed a special lady and thank you for honouring her and OMC in this way. I have been following you for a while now, thanks to Mo, never commenting but always admiring your moons especially but all your work is beautiful.

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  4. Marti

    A lovely and loving tribute Glennis. Your half mast moon flag tugs at the heart and is such a fine honoring of our dear Old Man Crow and our dear Mo. This global circle of friendship, of kinship, of sharing and caring and giving, is Real…and we hold each other up when needed and we let fly with laughter and humor when it comes and most of all, we love in all the ways that we can.

    Your moons speak so deeply of spirit. Your heart filled post has helped the sadness. As I think of Rod, and hold him in my heart, the image of him strumming along the stardust road, moon overhead, stars circling around him, I am moved to dance because I am one who moves through the passages of life by dancing, I have danced in honor of Rod, much like the second line that is done in New Orleans to honor and celebrate a life and the music I have danced to, Van Morrison’s Moondance…

    We each in our own way, honor our dear friend but the common thread is how this circle collectively holds…

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  5. Liz A

    words come hard at a time like this and so yours here are much appreciated … as are the comments by the circle … Mo’s most of all

    your monthly moons will carry so much more meaning than ever I initially anticipated (which is saying a lot) … knowing that we will all join Mo in the holding and stitching of them

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