plant a little seed…

I’m planting more seeds…

sometimes the moon just co-creates and conspires with cloth of different times and places

Cloth from different times and places came into my possession and the stars aligned.

Old cotton quilt blocks that had embroidery designs marked on them. Use, reuse…

The last of the January moons will be mailed this week. Last chance to join this month’s moon circle is tomorrow. After that, your subscription will begin in February. I’m already thinking about February moons… Join the moon circle here.

It’s never too late to join or to plant a seed. Any seed.

Three kinds of tomatoes -my favorites from last year. Sweet Treats, Momotaro, and Mushroom Basket.

around the winter garden…

Any day I plant a seed is a good day.

10 thoughts on “plant a little seed…

    1. shiborigirl Post author

      well, your comment made me wonder… and maybe rethink my words a bit. i trust anyone reading here is not out in the world planting dishonest or disharmonious seeds. luv ya nancy!
      i took out a seed pack of napa cabbage today…gonna go plant them! we also got light rain today so the tomato seeds were watered.

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