1-2-3 indigo vat and some itajime at the JANM

first "homework" in the online indigo workshop

Things are getting going in the online indigo workshop. The first assignment was to create a vat and make swatches -these came out of the indigo lime fructose vat.

Last weekend’s itajime workshop at the JANM was more shibori fun. Many thanks to my intrepid JANM assistant Keiko who brought green tea and mochi to celebrate girls day. She really is the best!

It was fun to concentrate on one particular technique since we only have a few short hours to practice. We get to develop a better understanding of what we are doing and do it several times over. It was nice to see so many old shibori and indigo friends. We practiced on many types of silk with the colorhue dyes. It was a real pleasure to see everyone having such a good time enjoying silk and color!  Itajime was the perfect choice for the workshop considering  the upcoming exhibit at the museum:

Folding Paper-the infinite possibilities of origami

a few photos from the workshop:

4 thoughts on “1-2-3 indigo vat and some itajime at the JANM

  1. carolinekeogh

    Hi Glinnis, can you help me please? I have left a couple of posts but cant find them, how do i keep track of them? Is there a thread and if so how does it work? I dont know if this is the reason i have not had a reply , but my 123 vat isnt working and is still blue, on my other post I mentioned that i am using a pack of gardening lime as i cant get builders lime and dont know how much calcium hydroxide is in it, some other New Zealand indigo dyers mentioned that they had found it maybe was a little damp so didnt work as well. I am trying to source other lime at the moment.



    1. shiborigirl Post author

      Ph is too low. Add more lime and get it up to
      over 10. As high as 12. Keep track of the threads by checking the box that says to subscribe or follow if new comments are added when you leave your comment. More on this in the forum tomorrow.



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