Indigo blues

The vats took a nap for a couple of days while cold air whipped through southern California. I woke them up yesterday afternoon, the sun having warmed them a bit. I tied this piece on cotton a few days back, wondering how I would dye it. The other end is ombré dyed and I think I will mount it for a wall piece. This is Richards technique put to another use.

13 thoughts on “Indigo blues

  1. Karen Tsutsumida

    Very beautiful! I live in SB and have wanted to start an indigo vat but worried about the cool weather (most of the time here as I am so close to the cold water). I am hoping to take your class next time around as I just couldn’t commit to it now. I’d like to know how to keep it warm enough.


    1. Jan Buck

      Hi, I live in SF area and go to a class where we store the indigo vat week to week inside a municipal bldg where the class is held, no problems w/it lasting wk to wk. What we discovered is that if lots of people are using it, its good to refresh it w/the indigo, alkali, and thiox before we go home, it needs time to get to the place where it can be used for dyeing. We also dip a plastic spoon in it to be sure it is not blue. YG is the color to look for, its not hard to maintain, but requires a learning period. Good luck!


  2. asiadyer

    Sorry, I’m a smarty pants!! Just can’t stop dyeing!!! Wanna try it all and there’s so little time!!!! hahahah My cotton, meaning sarashi? That stuff dyes so well….



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