8 thoughts on “video of long beach quilt festival booth

  1. velma

    it’s just 5:30 after a great night’s sleep and what a treat this is for my early morning eyes. i know i would have loved to touch/smell/look my way through your booth. thank you for the great video!


  2. Suzanna

    What a wonderful booth…all those splendid colors and the amazing indigo section plus Jude’s beautiful work…thank you for making this video…I hope to be able to come to this festival someday.


  3. helen

    WOW! what a wonderful display of your talents. I know how much work it takes to put together a display ,plus creating the items. You have been one busy person. Everything looks very inviting and I want one of everything. ha! This is a great sample of all that you do. When one sees it all in one place as such, it’s totally incredible!


  4. Sweetpea

    I would have fallen into a bit of financial trouble after shopping at your booth…thanks so much for posting the excellent vid ~ and loved seeing Jude’s stitchery magic on display :>]]


  5. aracne

    How I would have loved to be able to visit this show.
    Thanks for giving me an idea of what it was and congratulations for your outstanding work (and Judy’s too…I am a fan of both of you).


  6. shiborigirl Post author

    what you all are expressing is one of the main reasons i haven’t given up on doing these types of shows. i just can’t see NOT having personal contact with my customers. i do admit to having a lot of fun in the months running up to a show fantasizing and thinking about how to present my work anew each time. i like to create an environment- part fantasy, part reality even if just for a few minutes that makes people stop…and wonder, just a bit.
    so thank you!



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