just working with some vintage kimono lining silk and came across a piece that still had it’s tag on it.  these tags were placed to identify the owner when the kimono was taken apart for cleaning.  often, they were never reassembled.  i removed this tag and realized it was washi (handmade paper).  i loved that the end of it was just twisted into a string/cord and run through and tied into the silk’s selvedge. 

practical.  and lovely. 



8 thoughts on “practicality

  1. asiadyer

    seems to have a smidge of kakishibu left on the corner….most of the time when I see these they are dyed deep brown with shibu, like a shellac to keep them from getting messed up in the wash..can’t read this one, but usually have a name, fabric length….


  2. velma

    this is a beautiful little useful thing. i have long collected hang tags, even made an artists’ book in the 80’s about them. no doubt the everydayness of this little thing is what is so compelling! glad you shared this, glennis, it’s a gem.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      and i like to think that these fabrics that were so precious to someone at one time, that were treated with such care and reverence. that were saved over time and place…can be used and remade once again.



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