indigo (r)evolution

I have been making derangement work for me. Breaking the rules. She is a rule follower but I am not.

This piece is the first of a series using a new indigo dyeing technique I have created for myself. Just part of my indigo evolution. Truth is this piece is a lesson in rule breaking, pushing back all you know and are told. clearing your mind of the preconceptions and moving into the right-brained consciousness where undisciplined creativity roams. It’s a good place.

This is the result-
-added a little music From Cities to Oceans- ends a little abruptly but no time to drag this into iMovie for an edit. just using iphoto right now. (new FTCO CD release coming soon to iTunes)

This scarf will be listed on my etsy site for 24 hours. If it is still available Saturday morning it will be included in the trunk show accompanying the Saturday workshop at Phebie’s Needle Art.
Even if you aren’t signed up for the class you can pop on in to view the trunk show and have lunch in charming Claremont!

11″ x 60″ 5mm habotai
100% silk- indigo dyed
Wear it and trust your own creativity. It is there is all of us.
You can see the regular pics on my flickr site.

(by the way- this is NOT shibori)

10 thoughts on “indigo (r)evolution

    1. shiborigirl Post author

      no. actually it was a veiled reference to my mom and the derangement topic. i don’t really know if it is true generally speaking in regards to mental illness but as a fairly “recovered” schizophrenic (is there such a thing?) she is quite insistent on rules being followed. even if it is clearly not in her own best interests- she was just in my thoughts at that moment.
      you, my dear, are a bona fide member of the rule-breaking club.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      yes, indigo has a way of making one dream. i have been doing some dye work back and forth from chemical blues to indigo discovering what indigo can do that chemical blues cannot. discovering its magic.


  1. jeanne, herself

    dammit. i am late once again. this is nothing short of gorgeous. will pay closer attention and hope to catch the next one for myself. may have been late to this post, but i’ve long held that i want to know the rules so i can break them intelligently, deliberately. drove my teachers absolutely crazy.



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