mimicking indigo’s maddness

recently i have been interested in what can and cannot be done with other dyes when trying to duplicate an indigo look or feel. i ask myself why use indigo when using an acid dye might be quicker and thereby less expensive.
i want to see what i can do with the indigo that can’t be done with the acid dyes (and other dyes for that matter) . having been out riding my bike lately during the cooler hours and when there are virtually no cars on the street (midnight or so) i’ve been seeing the moon on the wane.

indigo on the wane

indigo on the wane

it seemed appropriate to consider the waning moon in terms of an itajime piece acid dyed black and double discharged to effect a waning moon. here is the whole piece-
indigo on the wane
i like the effect and the discharged black does mimic aspects of indigo’s madness.

the moon is waning and a second derangement has evolved-this one a bit darker.
darker derangement2
i wonder what the moon has to do with it? when i open the vats and see the metallic film on the surface of the indigo it’s like looking into the night. makes me think i must go out tonight and under the spell of the moon look for it in indigo’s silvery reflection.
i think this one is spoken for so it most likely won’t make it to the etsy shop but here it is in full:
darker derangement4

i also took an afternoon and made up a bag to carry the moon around in. it’s all lined in silk and all the fabric (both cotton & silk) are indigo and shibori dyed. it will be up over at the etsy shop ($120) most likely until the show sets up next wednesday. enjoy-
carry the moon

silk lined inside-rigid silk covered bottom

silk lined inside-rigid silk covered bottom


4 thoughts on “mimicking indigo’s maddness

  1. Jeanne herself

    Pinch me . Glennis, these are gorgeous. Are you selling blue moon? I really can read, am monitoring auditions for our upcoming musical so am constantly interrupted with questions from nervous divas plus am working from this ittybitty cell phone. If selling blue moon, put my name on it and tell me how much. If only selling the gorgeous blue one, put my name on it.



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