Teaching shibori at the Cherry Blossom Festival

Here is a picture of the Washington Monument yesterday- cherry blossoms in full bloom! My sister sent this along as they enjoyed the Washingtom DC version of the cherry blossom festival. I use to live there too and miss this blossom viewing which is at it’s peak there this weekend.
As for our cherry blossom festival, here are some photos of yesterday. Penny & I were busy all day helping people make 3 x 3 silk shibori squares.

dsc_0564.jpg very crowded all day.. mini shibori drying on rack
dsc_0566.jpg happy!
dsc_0569.jpg i think he made about a dozen
dsc_0572.jpg pokeman boys like shibori..we made pikachu yellow!
dsc_0574.jpg practicing and thinking…
dsc_0576.jpg this little girl was really experimenting..

-if you missed us yesterday, come on down today- 11- 4 pm. we’ll be there- mata-ne!

4 thoughts on “Teaching shibori at the Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. Lee

    wwoooww!! I am so impressed with the experiments the kids were doing. I am thinking I might try to take this idea to school for the kids there. Any hints?


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    hmmmmm. easter egg dye and vinegar, lots of silk squares, practice first yourself and you will figure it out before you go to school and do it with the kids. get a helper and have fun!


  3. Lee

    Good advice, and it worked well too. We were using food coloring, kool aid and left-over easter egg dye. I think the egg dye produced the clearest colors. I forgot the vinegar, but we still got some interesting effects. We had pennies, clamps and string. I noticed you had pony beads, which would work really well next time. And I had a great helper! Super idea all around.



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