studio time….


Many experimentations going on here and some exciting results. Last weekend at the Cherry Blossom Festival we facilitated over 700 3 x 3 silk pieces with the attendees. Lots of kids of all ages and adults too. During the two days I made a couple hundred sample pieces myself and have mounted them for reference. I also used a number of them to finish off my remaining postcards for the swap I joined in January. Using the practice pieces as reference, I completed some new itajime pieces that are different from anything so far. Unfortunately, I have already delivered them to Textile Dreams without photographing them! Not to worry though- more to come soon.


I finally used some of the 3mm silk I had dyed brown several months ago. I had avoided working with it until now- so gossamer and seemingly ephemeral. Took a couple of photos with questionable results. Since the fabric is so sheer, the camera has a hard time finding a focus. Really, it is more interesting than the photo shows…..


Finished going over the 1500+ photos that were taken during the photo shoot last week to pick the final shots to use. Thanks to Glenn & Amy for that- Amy sure was a great model! A good model really earns her pay….it looks a lot easier than it is. Here’s a sample:

Ad Image2 70

Don’t miss the flickr photoset of the festival- some great photo opportunities.

Taking off to No.CA for a few days so will be back to posting late next week. Mata-ne!

4 thoughts on “studio time….

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    yes, and i wouldn’t have done it had it not been for the festival…it was just an outcome of the demonstrating i was doing. i am now doing some drawings of the folds to catalog the designs for future reference.



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