the netherworld 

There is apparently some netherworld where, when something goes wrong the first and immediate action a person chooses to take is to become aggressive and rude.

-to send several emails -use lots of !!!!!! and where the CAP LOCK key becomes their best friend.

-where even after a full apology and promise of immediately rectifying the mistake quickly, still results in yet another aggressive email threatening this and that.


immediate refund processed.

problem solved.

who needs it?

can you imagine dealing with minor problems in life like this? as  your default, go to position? dealing with people in this way? what a way to go through life!

Thank you Paypal for that “process refund” button. It’s really a useful tool.

Things are moving slowly here. Processing pain takes time-making everything else take more time too. Imagine the view out of the window of a car going 50 mph compared to what you see while walking. It’s a whole different perspective.

Thanks to all for your kind emails and gestures. I will get to replying to all at some point. A couple of immediate thanks go to Margaret and to Holly.

Today I will do some base dyeing. Yesterday I ironed. Yup-life continues in the slow lane…

7 thoughts on “the netherworld 

  1. Bonnie

    I am so sorry to hear of your situation! I took your shibori class at Yosemite and thoroughly enjoyed it! I find your shibori ribbon inspirational in colors and texture! This too shall pass and will be better. Been there, done that. I will send positive and healing thoughts your way! Sincerely Bonnie Williams

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  2. califqwltr

    I’m glad you’re making progress, that’s the most important thing!  Some times some people have their heads some where and don’t have much vision, luckily there is the delete button! Think of all the people whose eyes you have opened to shibori and dying!  : )

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    1. shiborigirl Post author

      maybe if i wasn’t operating from this perspective i would have more tolerance for it. not that that is necessarily good…but it is a good reminder. thanks Kath-


  3. Cathey

    No need to reply, but I’m so sorry you’ve had such an awful time of it lately. So, just thanks for making such lovely things. You Rock! (Feel better.)

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  4. holistampgmailcom

    I would be so embarrassed if my adult children were insensitive or not caring. makes really wonder why someone can be so nasty. I hope your healing & Amma’s is coming along….hopefully you both can visit the sea/coastline soon. I find the rolling waves very healing & peaceful.

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