dyeing from nature’s color cues

back in the spring i planted these glorious sunflowers and they have been blooming profusely next to my outdoor workspace for the past month. much to my surprise i had unintentionally placed them right where they would grow up and be viewed from the inside- out the window over my kitchen sink. i have been enjoying them so much. everyday they are right next to me as i work at the indigo vat and as i dye and steam colored silks and in the morning when i make a cup of coffee or do the dishes i see them from inside the kitchen.
i recently dyed up some silk organza for flower work and as i often do, i just let my imagination run with the moment as i poured dye over the fabric. without intention really, just letting intuition and the moment lead me on.
so i guess it was no real surprise that one of the colors ended up mimicking the colors of the flowers i see everyday. but still, somehow i was surprised.
i wonder what i will see today…
maybe it is related to what Jude is doing here.

more about listening to your own voice and less about “trends” and other such things.

14 thoughts on “dyeing from nature’s color cues

  1. jude

    well fred ate all my sunflowers, so glad to enjoy yours. i have to have some of that silk!
    yes trend might be set by simply be listening to your own voice… following them… more like talking over someone else. definitely not whispering.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      oh boy…that fred. fred’s cousin wasn’t able to touch the sunflowers…that’s milo territory and also too close to my workspace. actually both cats hang out there. happy to share them with you.

      to many loud voices are distracting.


  2. helen

    this cloth is just gorgeous! Deer ate all the sunflowers here. You have mimicked the colors perfectly and can now take them with you. Remember to post a pic of the flower you make out of the cloth.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      i see the subconscious more and more in my work- a good thing as it seems to be the core of it and has a higher possibility for communication- which is what makes this all work out.


  3. mendofleur

    How in the world did you duplicate that sunflower? Yes, I think it was in your subconscious when you were creating it. Memory plays into more things than we can possibly imagine. Will you be offering some of this for sale?



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