Itchiku Kubota and his museum-part 3

Well, finally! I swear I just don’t know how time passes so quickly! Before we get to the good stuff, I’ve got to take the time to update a few things that need attention in regards to upcoming events and the things that keep the bills paid around here. Sorry, but that’s just the reality of what I do.
First, I’m giving a silk shibori flower making class this coming Saturday at Phebie’s Needle Arts in Claremont CA. 10-1 PM – 3 hour class for $20!!
Go to my classes page and get the details to sign up.
Materials fee is $30 but if you are on my mailing list (constant contact sign up on the right) you received a special offer of pre-purchasing the kit and receiving an extra yard for free! Plus a special trunk show and a little show and tell from Japan.
Classes at Phebie’s will continue through the fall on a monthly basis so sign up ahead as I hear some of the later ones are already filling.

Next– If you got the June Newsletter (again- get on that mailing list if you haven’t already), you might have been one of the ones who signed up for my in studio 2 day shibori workshop in August. Limited to 4 participants only -it’s already filled and I’ve decided to add a second class to accommodate 4 more. If you are interested in more info- join the mailing list and I’ll do a second send-out to all new email signer uppers.

Also- don’t forget the new class at Joggles starting on August 13.

Phew! Ok -enough of all the business stuff. Hope to see you at one of the events in the near future.

Been having some computer issues that are causing everything to take 3x as long to do so have to get to the Genius Bar at the Apple store by 4 today- hope I can get it cleared up and back to working smoothly soon- it’s been part of why I haven’t been blogging as much lately- I get started and then can’t stay online and end up giving up. So here goes…

-here’s an excerpt from my journal the day I went to the Ichiku Kubota Museum
Sunday morning and I’m already up and walking to the train station at 6 AM. Beautiful day and since it’s Sunday morning there’s almost no one out even on the Ginza. Guess they are all sleeping in or recovering from Saturday night sake!
The plan is to take the train from the local station to Tokyo eki and find my way to the Yaesu exit where I will catch a bus to Kawaguchiko via the Fujikyu Highlands- takes about 3 hours and ¥3500. Ate a quick coffee “set” at the train station which was coffee, bread and salad for breakfast-perfect!
I cannot say this enough- Japan’s transportation system is the envy of the world! Clean, well priced, convenient, comfortable and on time! Yay for Suica!

Suica is a form of debit card one can purchase to use along most of Japans rail lines. You simply swipe your card at the turnstyle and it will automatically deduct your fare- not to mention allow you to make various purchases in the train stations and on board.
So here is a pic of Fujiyama from the bus window-
fuji from bus

Well, just got home from the Apple store and they did a ping test on my computer which tells us that only 50% of my “packets” were getting through so I’ve got to take a break and do an archive and restore and hopefully that will do the trick. Hardware problem has been eliminated. Hopefully, it’s the system software-otherwise I’ll have to do a clean install which is a PAIN!!!! Did that a couple of months ago when my HD went down so have a new HD in this thing. One last thing to note- my external backup failed this week and I have yet to restore the data. Photos are the biggest thing I can’t access at the moment. Gonna have to pay to have them restored. Will have to wait on that at the moment. Mental note…BACKUP YOUR BACKUP!! Went out and bought a backup HD and backed up what I have on the new HD but now need to buy at least one more and back THAT up. Beware, just because you back up your stuff- it doesn’t mean it’s safe if you don’t have another copy somewhere.
(I hear NASA backs up to at least 7 different locations).

So, sorry for the interruption but first things first…

6 thoughts on “Itchiku Kubota and his museum-part 3

  1. Jane

    Oh no, what a cliff hanger, I’m so looking forward to seeing your post about the museum. I love Itchiku Kubota works but have only ever seen them in books, never in real life. I’m so envious and longing to read more about your trip.



  2. shibori girl

    Yes, I’m married to a computer techno-geek and his mantra each week is “have you backed up your files this week?” It’s a good reminder. There was a time, right after we bought our new Mac, that I thought, “oh, I’ll do it next week”. Only to have the hard drive of our brand new computer die on us. Now I back up regularly.

    Good to know I need a redundant back up too… didn’t think of that.


    And thanks for all the nice comments on my recent blog posts! 🙂


  3. shiborigirl Post author

    kate- do it. do it now! as soon as i can i’m buying another BU HD.
    and update on the IK museum visit. i swear i will write it up in the next 24 hours. i just received 2 books today in the mail from a friend in japan – both featuring the work of Ichiku Kubota- i already had 2 and these two i have never seen- out of print ann/or only available in japan- just borrowing them for now…


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  5. Tammie

    thanks for the inspiration to back up the back up. This has been today’s subject, so you have now hit it home!
    love the train image, some how it tells a lot!



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