A few more quick pics-part three in a day or so

We took an all day workshop with quilter Noriko Endo who showed us her technique for quilting using various size bits of fabrics layered over a background piece to form a design, then covered over with a nylon tulle and over-stitched by machine using free motion technique and various threads. Details of her quilts here show the painterly and impressionistic effect she achieves with this technique. The classroom was very nice-well lit and we each had our own table to work on and a Bernina for every 2 of us.
A couple more pics from the hobby show- forgot to mention the food show that was also there- some crafty sushi! And Mokuba was there as well.
I took an early morning walk on my own and discovered the Imperial Palace close by. It was 7 am and the grounds didn’t open until 9 but it was a treat to be out walking and discovering- a great time for photos. Happened upon a little gallery featuring some mechanical cabaret- also closed but later Katrina and I found our way back and dropped some yen in the boxes to make them perform to our delight.
An evening meal including one of the best tofu dishes I have ever had and of course a bit of umeshu ended the day and we returned to the hotel. Of course on the way back we were able to window shop along the Ginza a bit and even made a purchase or two! I absolutely hate shopping here in the US but love it in Japan! Not everything is the same there-much more variety-so much more interesting.
Returning to the hotel we had a package delivered to our room- a weeks supply of disposable thermometers (with instructions on taking our temps 3x a day) and another form to fill out to assure them we were well and not spreading the swine flu!
I found this fellow in Hibiya Koen (park) sharing a meal (and feeding them with chopsticks!) with the park cats in the early morning.
feeding the cats Hibiya koen

and this lovely neko posing from her perch in the pines above the pond-
Hibiya Koen cat
The following day was a free day and I went off on my own to the Ichiku Kubota museum-part three coming as soon as I get a few other things done and receive my journal in the mail!!

6 thoughts on “A few more quick pics-part three in a day or so

    1. shiborigirl Post author

      actually a working “vacation”. hard for me to separate my work from anything in life anymore-seems it all runs together and i’m fine with that. though it does seem like it’s a little harder on those close to me- making more of an effort to create some separate time for the sake of all our sanity.
      oh and yes and no- most times there was an interpreter around as instructors did not speak English. Noriko was an exception. with my pathetic Japanese however i noticed that some things were not being translated completely as often the translator did not have the correct words in English. my time with the aishi (indigo dyer) was completely in Japanese.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      well, that’s a difficult question. not a dream really but i will admit to being in a bit of a funk since i returned. have had a hard time getting back to things. feeling a little blue so spent yesterday getting my indigo vats ship shape and did a sample piece this afternoon- fantastic!! feeling better already…



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