now THAT’s a flower!

issey miyake, summer collection 2005

-found this on flickr while doing a search on fashion fabrics. apparently from issey miyake’s spring summer collection 2005.

kind of gives a whole new meaning to silk flower work for designers.
dare i work this large??

also found this weekend-a book that looks interesting…..

I’m buying this one at Hennessey & Ingalls courtesy of a gift from my friend Jean- (thanks again Jean!!)
-and this one that turns out to be written by the two lovely ladies at LACMA who gave us the behind the scenes tour of the museums textile department-Sharon Takeda and Kaye Spilker!

I’m looking forward to going through both these books. As you might guess, I’m looking for things to do with shibori textiles. I am not a fashion designer nor do I want to be…..simply making the fabrics is what I am more interested in but wanting to know more about how designers look at fabric. I am interested in designs that use the fabric as central to the design of the garment. Hoping these are both good books- anyone have them?

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