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blue solstice-and then some

around here we don’t get a white christmas (unless you count the freak hail storm last week that left some places in long beach looking like it snowed) but out back in the garden the stately ginko is showering us with its bounty of golden leaves.

the fan shaped leaves are the perfect and beautiful mulch that i look forward to replenishing the veggie patch and keeping the weeds down in the pathways. it’s such a happy color- that golden ginko leaf. standing under the tree when the leaves are this color i swear i can feel the energy that color gives off. i think it could ward off the deepest depression-just being near it. this year the leaves hung on longer than usual and are only dropping now.

took a trip to the the beach with bella one morning last week to clear my mind and think some things through. that ever-changing edge where sea meets shore is also a healing place for me and bella is getting used to playing nice with others there. i think she’s beginning to feel the same way about the beach, finally! in the beginning she wanted to run up and terrorize some of the other dogs…

while there i gathered a few trinkets and wondered…a few words came so i wrote them down~

and then i’ve finally had a few moments to thread a needle and take a few stitches. oddly, i tucked this project into my bag that beach morning with bella- not really knowing why but wouldn’t you know it, the car broke down on the way back and i had time to stitch a bit while waiting for the tow truck. bella doesn’t take well to getting into cars with strangers so we had a nice long walk home-a little over an hour away.

a few more sessions with the needle and thread and this is what it all led to- an indigo stocking to celebrate the winter solstice. moons and stars, sea and sky. things bright and shiny that catch the eye and things that fall from the sky or wash ashore. if you order it by tomorrow morning you should receive it by the 22nd. and as these things are, there is only one. (i should mention that the front side base is a bit of boro from japan-likely a refurbed futon cover made from bits of this and that)

i had a little decorating ceremony under the ginko before bringing it in and putting it in the shop– in case someone is in need of a last minute something.