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marking time

Seasons mark time like nothing else.  The visual signs all around us are unmistakable.



-the feel of the air in the morning and again in the evening. Sounds also turn the corner into fall.

And here at my desk I also must mark time.  The time that orders must ship, the time that show prep begins and materials must be sent off.  Schedules for next year are already filling in.  I do that as if I know how things will be when that time rolls around.  I laugh.  Ha!  What if?  We don’t know at all but here we are making plans.
The world seems so uncertain.

Just in case,  Richard and I are planning a new in-studio workshop (details coming), I’m planning dates for shows and other workshops in the new year.  And also a couple of trips are in the works.  I’ve been asked to coordinate two adventures in Japan next Spring. One is a private group of friends returning to the past in a way- sharing old memories and getting to know each other again in the present.  A reunion tour.  I hope to make it a very special time for all.
The other, is coordination of a short extension tour for Maggie Backman‘s Cross Culture Tour.  I have to say, when and if I get to be Maggie’s age, I hope I have her enthusiasm, energy and spunk.  This is an idea she has had for some time now.  It grew out of her love for sharing Japan, silk, and learning with others.  For quite a number of years now we have realized that while we are introducing gaijins (foreigners) to Japan through our own “Silk Road” via the Silk Study Tour to Japan, there were an equal number of Japanese who were interested in what we were doing.  And while Maggie was bringing in teachers from Japan to teach in the Silk Experience classroom at the Houston Quilt Festival and while Japanese visitors to the show were signing up for silk classes…she wondered…

-what if…? What if she organized a tour that combined US teachers and Japanese teachers and included both Japanese and American/foreign students in a bilingual workshop in Japan.  So here is what she has put together:

Cross Culture Tour to Japan

My job is to lead and coordinate the tour extension but I will also be around to lend a hand when needed during the workshop portion.  The US teachers are Katrina Walker and June Colburn.  Japanese instructors are Masako Wakayama and Noriko Endo.

So take a look and wonder…and imagine marking time between now and then.

more wondering…and wandering

someone recently pointed out to me that much of the way that i work is very childlike- intuitive. like a child wondering “what if?”. for as long as i can remember it’s been that way. curiosity gets the better of me and i have to follow it down to some sort of conclusion. it also has something to do with my incessant and overwhelming desire to “do it myself” and to be independent as a result of some very serious history. the fact that i like process so much i think stems from the way it can relieve stress and anxiety. hence why most of my work is mostly craft and not art (please, let’s not get into THAT). i’ve been pretty crafty since i was a child.

i had a recent conversation with Wendy, who was interviewing me for an article and i think i ended up figuring out as much about myself as she did about me for the article. some of it we both had surmised but many pieces were falling into place over the course of the conversation. suffice it to say, it’s going to be an interesting article. more on that later.

i know my recent FB updates to the “statusphere” have been a little obtuse and random but that’s just me especially as of late. the usual topics of beauty, education, art, and how i fit into the picture if at all anymore. just feeling a little lost i guess.

then there is more of this. at least they got their website tagline right- STEALS and deals. actually, it’s a wordpress.org blog that leads to an indian website selling shit and ads, of course. so more work for me to get my pics pulled down. i already removed the option to embed my vids on external sites so now you have to use the link option instead. it really gets to me to see this when i am working as hard and fast as i can around here. enough whining and complaining- or i might be tempted to just pull the plug on the whole darn thing.
thanks Dar, for looking out for me. some days globalization works for me, some days not.

all right. getting back to reality (or is it the illusion? getting harder to tell these days). have some camp fire kids coming over tomorrow for an indigo workshop, a private appointment on wednesday, and a peddlers fair on saturday. that’s where i cut up all the scarves and silks that haven’t sold and have been passed over this past year into cutter pieces-put them out there for other uses and clear the decks. in between, just the usual dyeing and photography.

sorry, no photos again today- just not in the mood.