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This little moon fragment carried me north recently to lead a shibori and indigo workshop for the Central Coast Weavers. It was a wonderful group of women who weave and share an enthusiasm for fiber in many forms.  The workshop space,  a large private studio affectionally known as “The Barn” kept us warm with a wood burning stove in one corner, fed with a kitchen area stocked with home baked breads and more, and busy with a large working area. Rosemary and Kay, the owners and creators of The Barn, have the second floor space lined with rows of large floor looms- maybe 15-20. I don’t think I have ever seen such a variety of large working looms in one location.
Previous to the workshop day, I gave a lecture on silk at their monthly  members meeting where they have a “show and tell”. Some of the things that they brought to share with members included this wonderful rug that was woven by one of the women. I think it was my favorite!

hand woven wool rug by Central Coast Weavers member

hand woven wool rug by Central Coast Weavers member

I can’t remember her name but she is the one holding the rug at the far end. They also had a little fundraising raffle at the meeting where members bring something fiber related they no longer need and if it is something you would like to re-home you can put some of your raffle tickets in the cup for that item.  Everything found a new home-plus the guild got some money for new books for their library. Lovely to see and thoughtfully purposeful!

The Barn workspace

The Barn workspace-a half-view

There is a new package being prepared for Wendy.  It will contain a set of needles and indigo threads.Someone might have a desire to add to the cloth in their own way, to hold the needle in their hand and feel of the thread as it is pulled through the cloth. It might just start someone wondering.

Right now though, the 3rd storm of the week here is drenching us-as if trying to wash away and clear out all the drama of this past week.  I welcome it.  I just hope all my monarch cats are finding refuge out there somewhere.  And that the sun will come out next week and dry out my poor flooded studio space!

newly emerged before the storm

newly emerged before the storms


woven to distraction

leave it to jude and the other clothmates to distract me from my other work today. but being sunday it felt right to follow and honor the muse with a little free weaving. even the moon was game. collecting and catching cloth and ideas for the boro panel of the jacket.
i started a flickr set for extra pics from the workshop here.

started in on some of the large custom indigo boro packs and some base dyeing for ribbon and pocket squares. tonight i’ll be at the ironing board then out to wrap the silk for the discharge bath tomorrow.

last night as a guest of diana (thank you!!), i attended a lecture, dinner and opening of the 67th Scripps Ceramic Annual, which is the longest continuous exhibition of contemporary ceramics in the United States. it is her alma mater and the same college where Paul Soldner (contemporary raku master- now passed) taught ceramics. Paul Soldner himself curated this annual exhibition for over 30 years and now it features a list of guest curators. it was wonderful to see what support they have engendered for ceramics there- many long time contributors and patrons to the program. 67 years is a LOT of ceramics! I particularly liked the works by Brendan Tang and Matt Wedel. although i listened to the hour long talk by this year’s curator, i wasn’t buying all of it. i admit, the balloon thing just wasn’t working for me or even the clay pieces with the rotting tomatoes- no matter what kind of spin you put on it. from my perspective it was definitely trying my patience to convince me it was worth being part of the show. i must be getting old or something…
sometimes art just gets to conceptual for me.