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Houston Quilt Festival…part two

So here’s part two, and I’ll be quick about it and move on.

It was a relief to have the shibori workshop behind me and Friday night a group of us went out to eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant called The Last Concert. ” White Building with red trim, X-mas lights and no sign. Knock on the door to get in.” If you don’t knock- you don’t get in! It was Halloween night and everyone there was in costume which made it fun and festive even though we were all dead tired. Some live music was gearing up in the back but we sat in the front so we could visit a bit and had the company of Jennifer, Virginia, Carol, & Marcia. Carol is another one of those people whom I had never met in person before the show. She is the person behind The Ribbon Store in Las Vegas, and one of the very first people to order my shibori ribbon! It was a delight to meet her finally and find out she was selling at the show and helping out her friend Marcia of Tinsel Trading (New York). Marcia brought some lovely things from the store in NY and was busy learning what quilters were interested in buying from her. I’ve never been to Tinsel Trading (only longed to go) but it was interesting hearing stories about the store and about her grandfather who started the business.
Go look at the website and read about how the business was created. We all had a great time and headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep!
Saturday in the booth went by very quickly!
A steady stream of customers all day and again I enjoyed meeting many people that up until now I have only “known” online. Since I was on my own at the show, I was unable to get out and see the exhibits or do much looking around at booths. I did however, manage to buy a couple of patterns for some handbags and one for a loose style jacket I’d like to make with some silk shibori (we’ll see how far I get with that thought). Virginia also bought one and reported to me two days after arriving home that she already had one made and was planning on improvements for a second! Some people! I’ll be sure to check in with her before I start mine for any tips she may have!
I did buy a pair of cordless scissors that can cut really nice curves in the silk. It was definitely an impulse buy but I have some ideas for using them.

Saturday night was not Jennifer’s night! We decided to do a run through the Central Market again for dinner on the way back home to the hotel but Jennifer wasn’t feeling well so she went straight back to the room. Unfortunately, during show that day a woman had become ill and actually threw up in her booth! Now that beats all! We all have crazy “show stories” to tell but this was a new one. Of course, Jennifer did the obvious trying to help the woman but the outcome was that she was up hanging her own head over the toilet bowl all night. So in the morning, we left Jen in the room and headed out to the show. I canceled my last Make & Take since Virginia was running Jen’s booth alone and couldn’t get away to watch mine. No biggie. Sunday was pack out and after that was accomplished (a VERY long day!) we retired back to the hotel. Thank goodness for Central Market where we AGAIN had dinner.

So, if you ever wondered what it’s like to do a trade show there you have it. Lots of work, good people, mishaps and fun all rolled in together. This is not a biz for weenies. Lots of planning, organization and work. AND the ability to change things up on a moment’s notice!
So here we are the next morning with Jennifer feeling better and gassing up for the drive back to Atlanta- had to take a picture of the gas prices- unbelievable to those of us in the Los Angeles area.
So that’s about it. Virgina & I had a couple of hours to kill so we hit up the local woman’s assistance league thrift shop, bought a great wool jacket with a pocket (for a shibori pocket square) fo $3, went for lunch at a great Vietnamese restaurant downtown and shot out to the airport where I flew back to Long Beach!
Fast forward to now, two weeks later and everything has been unpacked, Joggles has their new order, The Quilted Quail now carries shibori ribbon, Duet and others are receiving a steady stream of silk shibori flower broaches, and the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles will receive a new shipment in a couple of days.

The ash has stopped falling, at least for now, and I have to go clean up the outdoor studio area before anything else can get done today.
Studio time for the next couple of weeks…until Thanksgiving and family time.