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indigo,vintage,and shibori shop update

OK- seems like the shop was desperate for a little restocking and reorganizing so here are some links to the recently requested items-

more indigo boro fabric collections


indigo_packindigo boro packs

NEW! indigo dyed vintage fabric collections– all vintage fabrics…

indigo vintageindigo vintage collection

more of the vintage whites are in stock:

detail whitevintage whites 

vintage silk collections are available for pre-order.  these will be shipped mid June and will be limited so I am taking pre-orders. (add this to any order in the shop and it will ship free in June)



vintage kimono silk linings

and the ever popular silk shibori ribbon scrap bags. many of you have asked me to email you when they are available again but honestly- i just don’t have the time to hunt down you all.  i’ll give it my best though…

composition in C major borealis

composition in C major borealis

shibori ribbon scrap bags-$20

also added-

indigo sky fabric

shades of indigo

silk satin bias ribbon (white) for dyeing


and there will be more 3 way color shibori ribbon packs in a week or so.  start thinking color!

that’s it for this Monday- またね!

fewer words…and thinking about time,

yes, i’m back. Japan was wonderful, of course. the tour was amazing. i’ve written a couple of post-tour posts but after re-reading them nothing really feels right. too many words. so for now, i’ll just leave you with this:

and this-

i’ll be selecting some of these to put into the shop in a couple of days but thought it would be fun to photograph them and put them up for inspiration. these were all numbered with their pattern numbers…some as high as the 7000’s.
these shibori samples were found in Arimatsu, Japan and remind me how skill can develop over time if one is willing to put time into practice. are we still willing to allow art and craft to be created in this way? these are things i wonder about these days… ~ these seem to focus on makiage, makinui,orinui,boshi,muira and kanoko techniques. there literally must have been 10’s of 1000’s made over time. mind boggling. and beautiful. part of their beauty is what this represents. at least to me.