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on the show floor…Houston Quilt Festival

Well, everything arrived as planned, the booth set up and preview night done! Today we have the silk shibori flowermaking “make & take” in Hall E (exhibition area) at 12 noon. A full day in the booth and an evening event- Bernina Fashion Show & Reception. All faculty have VIP admission to both.

What’s selling? Shibori scrap bags, shibori flower pins, and yards and yards of ribbon. Silk shibori ribbon flower kits are also a popular item.

What’s funny? My legs apparently. Last night I wore a pair of tights I had shibori dyed which kept people entertained. The most often asked question was “Did you tattoo your legs?” ??????? Several people thought I had painted my legs. Dyers of course recognized what I had done and wanted to know what dyes I had used. (Marshall’s tights- $4 and acid dyes.) Granted, most of those asking about my “tattoo’s” were men. Not textile people. But it was entertaining and fun. One gal saw them and told me she sells something similar on etsy and pulled out her iphone to show me her site. They were very cool and mainly black and fluorescent colors. She says she sells them for “clubbing” . Apparently they are very fashionable under blacklight on the dance floor (and even more so under the influence). Next time I go “clubbing” I’ll be sure to wear mine.

Show time- gotta go!!
Booth 1544- corner on the main isle…..