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what’s up?

more feeding-that’s what! here’s one doing the “feed me dance”. good thing the folks on the corner of california and bixby are so accommodating. the gal with the blue hands who shows up in the old volvo everyday with a tree trimmer gathering leaves for the worms…must be a bit entertaining.

bryce was by to help feed and clean the worm trays- he lives in ID now but was in one of the 4th grade classes we taught a few years ago. we also counted them- appears to be around 230-ish.

the next two pics show the change in size that occurred over 3 days-

they are very friendly and even beautiful- their markings are individually unique and although the pointy spike on their back might suggest danger or pain, it is soft and rubbery- just a gentle warning and not at all what it seems. they have no eyes even though their markings suggest otherwise.

and then not one to let milo get all the press, tigga decided to wonder…what if…

i have been doing my own indigo what iffing-
what if indigo on silk satin looked like the sea? what if oil stopped flowing into it?

i’ve been noticing nature all around me-

unfurling her awesome beauty

which made me wonder what if indigo on cotton looked like the sky?

always changing

never the same twice

so, what’s up with you?