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momijigari…momiji to momizu

“The word “momiji” means that trees are changing to their autumn colors and it originates from the old word “momizu”, which means to dye something red.” this from a site “created by ordinary Japanese folks to help foreign nationals better understand the fascinating culture of Japan”, called Treasure House.

“momijigari” refers to the national Japanese passion for viewing the colors of fall leaves as they change throughout the country- much like the spring passion of cherry blossom viewing (hanami).

the seasonal and short-lived beauty of nature is not only a passion in Japan but one artists worldwide have reflected in their works forever- a constant source of inspiration.

the more colors start to change, the more i get anxious to hover over the dyepot. here in southern california we don’t get the full impact of the riotous colors of fall leaves i remember from my time living in Japan and Virginia, so hand dyed silk will have to suffice. i am working on so many things right now in preparation for the Houston show. however much you enjoy the images i post of my work, i encourage you to come and see me in person at one of the upcoming events. there really isn’t anything like meeting you in person. online culture can only take us so far.

and…colored cats being fed colored chow for colored cocoons!

…coming up- some video of last year’s Silk Study Tour and details about the upcoming trip in 2011. spaces still available but we plan to see those filled by the end of november as we are promoting it heavily at the Houston show. happily, we can report that at this point, 75% of the Silk Experience classes at Houston are filled with many people being turned away and put on overflow/waiting lists. interest in silk is definitely on the rise! when i first started doing the shows with my silk the only other booth devoted to silk was maggie’s booth- Silk Things. we will have our booths back to back and up front at the Houston show– come see us in booths 1100 and 1200!