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where to start?

Hello.  That’s a good place to start.  Yes, I’m back.  Here. Houston almost seems like a dream!   A wonderful show and ever so busy for me on all accounts.  My sincere thanks to everyone who came, who sent in pieces for the silk exhibit, and who took my workshop.  We did have a great time!

Let’s start with a little slideshow of the silk exhibit…

Having never curated and organized an exhibit before I was pretty much winging it but in my mind’s eye I had an idea of what I wanted to communicate to viewers of the exhibit. It was also interesting to work with the exhibit staff at Quilts Inc. and see their process for receiving materials, setting up, breaking down, and returning items for the exhibit at large. Many thanks especially to Ginny and her crew who were assigned to this exhibit (they confessed that when the various exhibits were assigned they drew the short straw! in the end it wasn’t as bad as they thought-just different than the basic quilt exhibit).  Thanks Ginny and crew! I got to learn a lot through organizing this exhibit.

a couple of shots of the booth-

Unfortunately, when I returned I got the flu- put me a few steps back and then it was off to see my son Trevor’s senior recital-wow!

pre-concert run thru

junk percussion piece run thru

loved this piece…


drum and block set up

many of his young students came with flowers…sweet

-and then back home where I am still catching up on emails and orders. Also many proposals and fees for next years events are due any day now.  Yikes!

Oh, and another great indigo workshop at the Japanese American National Museum last weekend-

Glenna came with her own wonderings-about temari.  She played and devised a way to indigo dye the base for a temari. Quite inventive.  I can see the possibilities now! If you are looking for a new craft to spend some serious time at check out the possibilities of making temari! I even want to try my hand at it-at least once just to gain a basic understanding.   She gave me a lovely sample of her work as a gift-I love it!

temari ball -a gift from Glenna

The gift of home grown cotton was actually from the Houston workshop-got it mixed into the wrong set- but it is beautiful and has seeds that I have separated out- I want to grow a couple of plants just for fun.

The indigo is all cut and each participant at the JANM workshop received a seed packet in their materials kit. Perhaps some indigo will be grown in spring!  As for the rest, some was bagged for gifts, and the rest of the seed was collected for next years crop.  However, it looks like there may already be some dropped seed sprouting out back already!  We’ll see…

indigo seed as a gift

indigo seed for next year

More to tell, but must end it here for now- have a wonderful holiday full of thanks and giving, of friends and family.

interlude and landraces

yes, it was a new word for me too.  landraces.  i knew there had to be a word for what i was thinking in my head and this is it.  i’m watching the indigo bloom- it’s tiny delicate pink and white blossoms emerging on slender green shoots.  and i’m thinking about where the seeds came from.  not the seed that planted indigo in my head and heart, but the seed i planted in the soil last spring.  these seeds came from Rowlad Rickets Indigrowing blue project in Indiana.  and now, as i watch the blossoms growing to create the seed for next years crop of indigo i wonder…

pink and white blossoms on the indigo

will this crop of seed adapt ever so slightly to my zone 10 garden? to the location in the yard where i planted it? to my helicopter parenting? will it commune more readily with silk in the dyeing process because i fed it with the frass and castings of the silkworms?  these are my wonderings.  and as i searched for a word for this process of adaptation i came across landrace .

…species which has developed largely by natural processes, by adaptation to the natural and cultural environment in which it lives.

as i read more into this i wondered too, if i myself am a product of this sort of adaptation.

it seems we all are.

landrace…a reason for seed saving.

jude is saving seed, fumiko is saving seed. are you?

this leads to bigger wonderings. what exactly is a seed?

it had been devilishly hot here lately. a meltdown in fact. yesterday a breaker in the sub panel went down and now no electricity where i do my work.   a bump in the road. hopefully all will be restored without too much time passing.  fortunately today we are being saved by a coastal eddy and fog so cooler heads can prevail.