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Sayonara sale

silk shibori ribbon scrap bags

This time I’m only going as far as Houston but the Silk Study Tour is just around the corner.

Typically in Japan, when one moves, one has a sayonara sale. That’s just the way they do it there. Also, a sayonara sale is a great place to pick up stuff you need when furnishing a new apartment.  It’s easier to sell your stuff to someone moving into the area and buy stuff from someone moving out of the area you are moving into-get it?  Check out the sayonara sale ads in the Tokyo craigslist. Garage sale- Japanese style.

Here we have 10 silk shibori ribbon scrap bags.  A highly coveted item.  2.5 yards of assorted silk shibori ribbon for $20.  Donna was here today and took control of my scrap box.  In her words she  had a “kinda sorta maybe plan”.   For  like “walking around money“.

Listing will expire in 24 hours.

Mata ne!  thanks Donna!

silk shibori ribbon scrap bag sale!

as i have done in the past, i have posted a few of the silk shibori ribbon scrap bags in the big cartel shop for those of you who won’t be making it to Houston for the show. These ribbon scrap bags are always coveted by stitchers, quilters (especially crazy q types), and ribbon artists for their variety and price so I always like to include you readers here in on the deal.

go crazy, but i suggest you do it quickly!

I am in the throws of packing boxes and getting things together (ordering electricity and so forth) -sheesh just trying to stay organized while not forgetting anything for the booth, 2 workshops, a lecture and who knows what else- i’m starting to think i just might pull it all together…

yesterday at the Japanese American National Museum we just had a grand old time…
the next workshop there is a 4 hour indigo class in March. better sign up early for that one…
– a little video from yesterday…aside from the indigo, everyone did an itajime scarf using the colorhue.

and a pic of the spider lily in the back yard- i even have narcissus coming up-crazy!