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International Quilt Festival

Just back from a quick trip to San Jose (CA) getting a college freshman all set to attend SJSU in August!
With classes scheduled, orientation completed, and a one year lease signed for a room in a shared house (thank you Johnnie for everything including the ride back to the airport!), I think we’re good to go!

A little bit about San Jose. If you’ve never been, it’s a city that’s really growing on me. An active arts community, a great college (SJSU), very convenient public transportation, and a very diverse population. Everyone was very friendly and one of the best things is that it is a very walkable city. One wouldn’t need a car to live here- unlike Los Angeles or Long Beach. I always like that in a city. We flew in and took public transportation from the airport to downtown- $1.75 and about 15 minutes! You can’t really beat that-(except maybe in Portland where as I recall there was a free train from the airport).
Then of course there is the San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum where I stopped off to make a delivery of shibori. They had sold out since my last trip up in May and are now fully restocked! The gift shop has a new manager and the store looks better than ever. I took advantage of the trip and looked at the current exhibition entitled “Beyond Knitting“.
My interest in sculptural forms as well as fiber (and knitting) was satiated by some of the wonderful work in this show. The works-some serious, some humourous, as well as thoughtful with a mastery of technique were a joy to view. A few of my favorites-

Blanka Sperkova
I love her work- reminds me of Ruth Asawa to a point. Beautiful forms, complete thoughts, left me wanting more.

Adrian Sloan’s “Truth to Power”
Her knit human 3D forms were knit in two pieces (back and front) of wire and seamed before being suspended in a fashion that allowed subtle movement as you passed by them. Awesome! She was the co-curator of this exhibit.

Lindsey Obermeyer‘s Weighted Down

I think I’d like to meet Lindsey and have a laugh or two with her. Her sense of humor really shines through her work. I was immediately attracted to this piece-a mohair sweater with the sleeves knit down into large balls that implied being weighted down by the daily stress of life.

Mark Newport‘s collection of “sweatermen” heros.
I would love to see a production bringing these costumes alive!

Having owned a knitting store in the past, I really appreciated this exhibit that took knitting beyond the realm of sweaters and scarves. Go see it!!

Back late last night and today is setup (ready or not!)for the International Quilt Festival here in Long Beach!
See you there- Booth #1353.

road trip…..

I’ve been out of town on a trip up north and stopped into the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. Unfortunately, they are between shows and didn’t have too much on display but there was a small display of quilts from Gloria Hansen that are worth stopping by for if you are in the area. I knew I had seen some of her work before but never had a chance to really see them. You can see them on her website but you really can’t see the stitching, which on several of them are integral to the design.
The museum gift shop has a nice selection of various fiber art works from local artists and beyond. Marian Clayden has some work there as well as Judith Content and others. Happily, they selected a dozen pieces from me to add to the shop.

I’ve really had a chance to explore San Jose- SJSU, Japantown, museums, a great diversity of ethnic restaurants, a shinkendo dojo, and some great victorian neighborhoods. I’ve also got to mention the hills along the 101 were carpeted with poppies and lupine – just beautiful!
A great time of the year to drive up the coast of California.

Back home tomorrow, gyotaku printing in the 4th grade classroom on Monday and the Los Angeles Cherry Blossom Festival next weekend! More on that later. Lots to do!