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Workshops Around Quilt Festival Long Beach

Quilt Festival is returning to Long Beach this July 9-11 after a 7 year hiatus. Classes for this festival are all understandably focused on machine quilting. As an alternative to this I am adding a few in-studio workshops for festival goers to consider. They are all directly before or after the show dates to allow participants to consider attending a workshop without missing any of the show.
Here are the three workshops (held in Long Beach):

Of course anyone can attend any of these workshops but they have been scheduled around the festival to make them available to festival goers. I expect them to fill so if you are interested, I suggest you grab a spot!

I still have one more Arashi shibori workshop scheduled for the end of March (28-29) that has 3 spots open. I originally posted this as a 3 day workshop as a result of participant feedback after the first one, but seems like more people wanted a two day workshop due to time restraints on their part so I changed it back to a two day event.

The second workshop last weekend was visited by a brief downpour as we worked under cover outside. It didn’t put a damper on the enthusiasm for learning the process and the sun soon broke through and shined on the resulting work. My favorite photo was the communal pile of pleated silk shibori we made with all our pieces on day two.

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this is my second favorite photo… everyone enjoyed taking photos of the “communal shibori pile”. I also set up the light box for everyone to each photograph their own work.

The upcoming Indigo Shibori workshop at the Japanese American National Museum on March 14-15 still has a few spots if you want to join us. Signups are through the museum.

So as you can see, it’s been busy around here. Baby Dean is a regular visitor and although we don’t share photos of him on social media he is already 9 months old! He loves to play the piano, drums, and guitar (like his mom and dad, uncles and others who frequent his world). It’s so darn adorable! He has red hair just like both his grandmas! And big blue eyes. Ever curious, and now on the move, he’s already has taken his first steps- watch out world!

big flowers

I might as well have dared myself to work bigger in a previous post because I got the bug to make some bigger flowers. Now they’re not as big as the ones Issey Miyake did but they are shibori and over twice the size of the previous ones. To get even larger, I have to start using fabric (yardage) as opposed to my shibori ribbon but it allows so many more possibilities….. and they ARE more expensive!
Also shibori dyed and pleated some 3″ rayon grosgrain as well…..marvelous!

about 10″ in diameter-bomaki silk shibori with arashi silk satin shibori ribbon flower center(beaded center)

speaking of wrapping 30000 yards….. how about UNwrapping?


3″ rayon grosgrain pole wrapping bomaki style but with a decidedly different wrap pattern….I made a deliciously exotic (large of course!) flower combining this with some silk satin shibori ribbon. No peeking until July 25-27 at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach (booth 1353)!!