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the pH of tears…

today i made some ceremonial cloth. and a special goodbye moon.

tigga kitty hit a “rough patch” and died in bed with us this morning at 4 am. she went suddenly and without pain and we are thankful for all the good times we had with her. i held her in my arms and kept her next to me from about 5 pm last night. i think her kidneys failed or some such thing. she had a good life and for an alley cat rescued from a feral life she was never really sick. just liked to choke up a fur ball every now and then.

you may remember her from her photos here , helping with photography and watching silk dry or here, checking out the feeding of the “other cats”.

she’s resting now under the ginko tree in back with a special goodbye moon waving overhead. she’ll don her catwings and fly on ahead wrapped in partly cloudy indigo skies.

oh…and the pH of tears is around 7.5. even though i feel like i cried buckets into the vat as i dyed these pieces today the indigo vat just seemed to absorb it in stride and remained a vigilant 9.5.

on to tomorrow…