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orinui shibori and indigo おりぬい絞りと藍

After a very productive and busy weekend at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles) I had a little idea in my head I needed to get out.

A few more photos might be helpful.

Dyed in the fermentation vat.

At the museum we worked with a wide range of fabrics- many recycled. Fabrics included silks, cottons, hemp, linen, & bamboo in many weights and weaves.  Much was learned about fabrics, shibori techniques and how to dye with the indigo.  Next workshops at the museum are scheduled for Oct. 8-9 and Dec. 10-11.  The new twist will be that we will also work with a fermentation vat and learn how to make a small one you can take home with you.  Contact JANM to sign up.

And just a reminder- My three classes at the upcoming International Quilt Festival in Houston are taking registrations at the Quilts Inc. site. You can see the individual events on my FB events page or go to the registration site and see all the classes there.

more whatiffing

apologies for using a rather murderous analogy, but while whatiffing today i was able to kill three birds with one stone…so to speak. i am still working on some samples for my upcoming workshop, thinking about jude’s CQR project and also looking for a shibori background for some stitching i’m doing in my online class.
here’s the result:

what if there was no stitching at all? only the memories of stitches on cloth.

what if there was no stitching at all? only the memories of stitches on cloth.

fairly quick to do and quite effective. this will be covered at the Houston Quilt Festival workshop.

studio time and more research into the copyright and watermark issues have led to some interesting blog reading. particularly reading the thoughts of photographers who are much more savvy and aware of these issues than i am. while polewrapping ribbon, my mind wraps itself around some of these discussions and thoughts are forming for another post on this issue. i am learning. for example, did you know this? that one weekend every flickr photo ended up on sale! i had no idea!
so many interesting posts on his blog…..still going through them as time permits.