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indigo and mandala workshop announcements

Just a couple of quick workshop announcements-

The Indigo Mandala Workshop is now open for registration. The class is being co-taught by  Richard and myself-a collaboration from two sides of the world. We will both be active on the blog and answering questions.  Click on over to the shop link above to read the details of the class.  It will post June 1 and continue.



Then, I am taking reservations for a new in-studio 2 day indigo workshop.  We will work with all 4 of the indigo vat types I have going here.  We will practice various shibori techniques-itajime, arashi, and stitched, ombre dyeing, and moon making on various types of fabrics. Depending on the state of the indigo crop, we might be able to test out making a fresh vat. As always, I’ll have some colorhue dye on hand to experiment with on silk.  Hopefully, there will also be some silkworms to feed. Limited to 4 participants. Contact me with any questions.

~ all for today…mata ne!

online shibori class

itajime lesson 1

All week long I have been meaning to get this post to announce the rerunning of my online class, Shibori Techniques on Silk. (click the link for details) The beauty of shibori is that it was created in a much simpler time, yet resulted in some stupendous fabric designs and possibilities. It was created out of ingenuity and a desire to have a cottage industry making decorative fabrics for commercial purposes. Over time, and with practice, this craft has risen to great heights-limited only by the makers imagination and willingness to practice it to near perfection and limitless possibilities.

If there is anything that I would like to get across in this workshop it is that it’s not the materials, supplies, or perfect studio setup that makes the art or the artist. It’s your ingenuity in using what you have on hand in inventive and creative ways that will produce interesting results-often leading you on to the next level and asking you to wonder….what if…..?

tigga inspecting the orinui last from last years class

One of the reasons I offer this online class is to reach out to people who want to take a class on their own schedule or who don’t get out to take classes at shows or other venues. I’ve been teaching various classes online now for 4 years and I’m pleased with the way teaching online has developed. By using video, skype, and private blogs you can organize an online class that has a real community feeling.

I’ve received several emails from people wanting to know if they could do this class in their apartment or kitchen. ( Yes!) This is one of the reasons I like to teach with the Colorhue dyes. They are simple and non toxic and even though they have their limitations (no true red or black) you can easily use them in a home setting or with kids. There are no fumes, no heat or chemicals involved in setting the dyes. I’m also offering a workshop materials kit for those who would like one. Otherwise, you can collect your own materials from someone like Dharma Trading.

stitches from the heart-makiage and mokume

This is an enhanced version of the class I ran last year on Joggles. I have been asked many times when or if it would be offered again. I decided back then that I wanted to have control over my own classes as there were things I wanted to do (like the videos and skypeing) that those sorts of sites didn’t offer. I also like the blog style format for the online classes. It’s much more visual and interactive when everyone is posting their work, asking and answering questions, and commenting and critiquing. Between shows, orders, making, and life in general it has taken me this long to step up to pulling this together! Hard to believe. Likely, this will be the only time I will offer this class online this year. Even though much of the class is already prepared, I always feel there is more to add and will be doing just that along the way. Enrollment is not limited but you must enroll by Feb 28 so I can get everyone set up on the blog/forum prior to the start of the workshop. Get out your wondering hats and let’s have some fun!