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Zooming right along…

After many requests to host an online version of the recently posted in-studio of the tekumo shibori workshop, I am posting up a Zoom version of it now.

This workshop will occur over 4 one and a half hour sessions. Each session includes a 30 minute question and answer/sharing section. The four sessions are divided as follows:

Workshop sign up link

Session 1: Preparation and materials (kits will be available for preorder) Setting up your workspace and fabric choice advice. Various dye choices will be also presented.
Session 2: Tekumo demonstration and practice, troubleshooting, and best techniques for successful tekumo shibori
Session 3: Discharge and overdyeing demo, steaming set up.
Session 4: Unbinding your pieces, sharing results and critique. Tips for designing fabric with tekumo designs. Exploring the possibilities with your new sculptural fabrics. (There will be a separate online workshop on making the Wishing Star flowers with the tekumo shibori organza that you can sign up for later.)

Session dates:
Consecutive Thursdays- August 5th, 12th, 19,th & 26th


Participants need to have adequate technical ability and internet connection to participate in an online zoom workshop. Please download the free Zoom application to your device (preferably a laptop or ipad/notebook rather than a mobile phone for optimal experience) and create your free password protected account . If you are not familiar with this app, then practice ahead of time with a friend prior to the workshop.

The sessions will be recorded for those participating so you can replay them after the session or in case you should miss a session (some people may be participating from various time zones).The recordings will be available during the workshop and for two weeks thereafter.
I will write up notes after each session with highlights as a reference for you and send via email the day following the session.

My intention is to create an online workshop that has as much of a “hands on” feel as possible with lots of student participation and sharing of your screen. Please have your device’s audio and video capabilities engaged. I believe this will lead to the best outcome for all (as opposed to a more lecture type workshop).

I will also have an offsite password protected site on wordpress where you can log in and post results and ask questions between sessions. This site will be available for 6 weeks.

Cost will be $120 for the 4 session workshop and a tekumo materials kit will be available for purchase ahead of time. Kit will include the shibori hook and stand, bobbin, & thread for $58. A separate fabrics set will be available for $35 and will include a variety of silks and some cotton. Feel free to use your own fabrics but know that I will be focusing on silk-especially silk organza for its sculptural qualities. But for the tekumo technique itself, any fabric will do. Plan to practice this technique to become proficient and gain the most from exploring this traditional shibori technique and adding your own 21st century “twist”!

Two materials kits are offered, although not required in order to join the workshop.

learning to bow and continuing

Yesterday as I was cleaning up the studio in preparation for some cooler wind and rain, I found myself bowing in thanks to the vats as I closed them up for the day.  A particularly lovely ombre piece had emerged from the fermentation vat and thanks was in order.  The bowing and ありがとうございました came naturally and without thought- and I wondered why I hadn’t done this before. Perhaps it was the natural response to the fermentation vat success.   In the moment I reflected that there were several things coming together that caused this instinctual thanksgiving.

indigo itajime on linen

First, the online indigo workshop is nearing it’s end.  This is the last week (week 5) and ombre dyeing was the last scheduled lesson.  My fermentation vat is solid now (at least I hope so!) and I am looking forward to using it all summer long.  Thinking about the online workshop…it is occurring to me that it is much like the fermentation vat.  The bacteria need a little time to get going and now that it is live and working, one wants to keep it going.  so I am thinking on that idea.  There have been a number of folks who want to join in as the weather warms up in their areas and have asked for me to run it again.

Rather than run it again, I’m thinking of continuing. At least through the summer months.

I don’t want to kill off the global indigo fermentation that is ongoing through this workshop,  and just like the fermentation vat, which needs feeding to keep it alive and active, so might the indigo workshop need some reviving with new folks and new ideas (this being one of them).  I can see how the accumulated knowledge and experience can continue to grow if the project is nourished.

indigo seedlings

The indigo seedlings are looking good so far- maybe there will be a fresh indigo dyeing lesson down the road if I can keep them going.  Several folks in the class are growing indigo as well.

So the plan has changed and the indigo workshop will continue.  I have reopened registration and will leave it that way for now. You can purchase it in the shop (which by the way, I redesigned last week and sold out items will show sold out on mouse over- a much needed improvement and requested by several customers tired of trying to find something not sold out!) – thanks to Big Cartel for the upgrades.

Then this is how it will work- everyone who already purchased this class is obviously still in-will remain in and you can continue to post and view lessons as usual.  I will continue to answer questions as needed- please have patience though as I am also working in the studio on many other things as well.  All newcomers will get added to the class as you sign up-again be patient and reply to the invites as directed-this makes my life so much easier when you do.  Email me for any help on this. I will undoubtedly add to the lessons here and there as things come up and time permits.

The real beauty of this experimental online indigo workshop is the knowledge that is being shared and created by having such a great group of folks all working in indigo together- some of whom are very experienced as well as those who are beginners.

And speaking of bowing…

I want to personally thank Jude -for her support and enthusiasm for blue and persistence, John Marshall -who added his vast experience to the group, to Ulrike- who I don’t think has an online link but who participated with great enthusiasm and knowledge from Germany, to Susan who’s work, blog and Japanese spirit I have admired for many years now. And of course to all the rest of you who took the course and trusted that such a crazy idea might actually work out! Especially to those of you who braved posting your work for all to see and discuss.  Really, we are all in this together and only through practice can we learn.

ありがとうございました  thank you!

So, now onto a couple of other things.

First- I am preparing a special followup class on indigo mandalas that Richard Carbin and I worked on when he was here a couple of months ago.  I will put it in the shop soon and we will share the proceeds equally.  I really recommend taking the indigo class first as we will not be discussing making a vat or any of that.  Just the making of the mandalas and the dyeing of them with indigo.  They are very special done in indigo.

at Satou san's

Next, I have opened up the 2011 virtual Silk Study Tour blog to the public.  You might want to enjoy a little of that.  The May 2013 Silk Study Tour is now gathering.  If you want to join us on the tour please click here and sign yourself up to receive more information. (Spaces are already filling and the tour is limited to 18 participants.)