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While I was away recently, I was taking notice of some small things. One thing kept appearing so often that I decided to make  special note of was…

where feathers fall:

So often it is the small things. And while I was away, I made this:

over the course of many hours, in between wooded walks, between essays in this book, dinners around the table, and some hammock time.

Berry says that we should never have trusted our economy to economists:

“In ordering the economy of a household or a community or a nation, I would put nature first, the economies of land use second, the manufacturing economy third, and the consumer economy fourth.”

I was in a good place to read this book. And a bookmark for it seemed useful.

I posted a picture of it online. Michel spoke up quickly and wanted to have this bookmark and asked its price. Such a difficult question. Some things defy putting a price on them and are best given as a gift. A simple bookmark on the face of things, but so much more to me. As I stitched the tiny x’s I thought of gravesites-one like this I came across in the woods:

an old homesteaders grave in the woods

the spiral stitching of a single strand of silk floss reminded me of the ponds surface broken by the multitudes of dragonflies touching down on its surface.

a patch of x’s and o’s- a little game to represent child’s play

contrasts of light and dark, night and day

layers of intention.

the feather of a blue jay found along a path. a couple of dyed pumice beads in memory of the Miwok who walked here many summers ago.

miwok grinding hole in granite bedrock under the oaks along the stream

I’m sure they noticed where feathers fell (and acorns too).

jude knows a little something about where feathers fall too. 

one of the pond’s nesting great blue herons

Shortly after posting a photo on my FB studio page of this bookmark, someone quickly posted their version of it.  I never quite know how to feel about this. So much thought and intention inspired a quickie redo of it. I’m glad it inspires but somehow much gets lost in the translation and creates a sort of devaluation of the original . It’s a reminder that although you can replicate an object you can’t replicate what is beneath the surface. Like the soil and what lies below the surface. And I thought some more about it-

do your best with each small detail. craft it with care and intention. be unique and creative. give it meaning, a story, a place and time.

The much appreciated break was welcomed and we’ve now all returned to our places. The garden went a little crazy while I was gone so have been tending to that as well.

Upon returning I discovered yet another HD failure so am working to get things back in order. If you are waiting on me for anything, have patience and mercy-and a kind reminder email would be helpful!  I’ll get it back together soon…