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i have been doing more wondering about transparency. often things happen for a reasons that i can’t see until later. it’s like i have to peel away the layers to get to the understanding of what was really happening when i misjudged it to be something else. like the milkweed plant in the back yard.

you would hardly guess that those tiny little polygonal flowers would turn into big puffed out hairy balls and then split open to send seeds out on the breath of a breeze, floating upward in gravity defying flight. a few succommed to gravity and landed in the pond where they seemingly danced on water with the sky reflected beneath their myriad feet.

but usually there was a hint, a seed, a knowingness of some kind that i chose to overlook or just accept in the hope that it would pass or that i was possibly wrong. but i have found that mostly my intuition has served me well. it has in fact even saved my life on one occasion when i really paid attention. i’m paying more attention again. and keeping better company.

speaking of good company, Art Unraveled was good company and i had a chance to meet many new folks there. the vendor day was fun and a pleasure to see many unique artists that don’t pop up everywhere. a real treat.
we had a colorful time in the dye workshop and even did a quickie indigo vat. all the participants were new to dyeing and were quite happy to get their introduction using the colorhue dyes. they learned about various types of silk fabrics and had a chance to see how each type dyed. we made moons together and now i have more moon friends!

after the event was over i had a little time before the drive home to relax and enjoy catching up on my favorite blogs and online haunts. i noticed jude had been busy inspiring others to join her magic feather project so with a needle close at hand i joined in…

and in the end a beautiful sunset entertained us on the drive back home through arizona and california deserts. my, it was hot!

wondering in silence

since my return i have had a need for more silence. i suppose in part due to all the energy expended in the job of delivering the tour and the need to re-gather energy and move forward.

this is something i did not calculate, as all things cannot be calculated or expected. i gave it my all, i planned, i gathered, i organized, i worried, and in the end found myself depleted which for me is a rather unusual feeling. and as a maker a bit unsettling. in the silence i can gather myself, re-adjust and tune in but life has a way of continually swirling around and silence has been a bit elusive.

in addition, i am questioning (once again) so many things. the road forward is not so clear, paths branching out at odd angles

none really offering any security or safe harbor but then again too much safety has never been my realm.

a quote by Jorge Luis Borges has been ringing in my head-

-don’t talk unless you can improve the silence.

and as of late, this has been my feeling. so for the moment i will share a few things that have kept me wondering…nature has a way of offering solace and beauty in silence.

the order of five

milkweed- a study of polygons

sometimes i think the moon takes hold of me and i overlook the stars…

-so just know that i am working on alignment of one sort or another and will be back again soon.