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stop to smell the (shibori) roses……

So much craziness in the news these days. So many people moving fast. I am trying to keep it all in perspective and in balance myself. On the one hand, I am appreciating the changes in the backyard and especially the ripening hachiya persimmons.

They are called hoshigaki in Japanese. (hoshi for dried and gaki (from kaki) for persimmon) i am drying my own in the back yard. I have about 50 to peel and string up this week so they can be drying while I am in Houston…they take from 4-6 weeks to dry. You also have to massage them a couple of times a day. This is part of the balance I am talking about. In all the craziness of getting ready for the Houston show, I must take time each day to pick, peel, string up, and massage my hoshigaki. I have someone hired to do the persimmon massaging while I’m gone!
check out this site below to order some for yourself or for holiday gifts. They are delicious!

I also attended the Japan America Society’s Kite Festival in Seal Beach on Sunday. It was a beautiful and windy day and the kites were marvelous. More pics on the flicker site.

And then in response to several people who have been asking about buying the flower broaches, I posted up two on the etsy site. These are usually only available at shows or at the select retail stores that I ship to since I just can’t seem to get ahead on them these days….

I have a long “to do” list so must move on to it. And thanks for all the lovely comments on the last post…still working through that.